I Get It Now meme depicting danny devito.

I Get It Now

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I Get It, usually altered to I Get It Now, is a reaction image and video based on a scene of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia character Frank Reynolds (played by Danny DeVito) delivering the line. Online, the image has been used as a reaction meme to situations in which someone finally understands a certain phenomenon or obsession.


On November 7th, 2018, episode 10 (titled "Mac Finds His Pride") of season 13 of the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia television series premiered.[1] During the episode, the character Frank Reynolds attempts to help his friend Mac, who through the course of the show has been a self-hating gay man, to "find his pride." During the episode, Frank states that he doesn't get "the gay thing." The episode ends with Mac performing an interpretative dance about his inner conflict between religion and his sexuality in front of his incarcerated father, who leaves halfway through the dance, and a crowd of prisoners. The scene closes with Frank tearing up and then whispering to himself, "I get it" (scene shown below).

My god. I get it. I get it.

On January 4th, 2019, Redditor yamideath posted the earliest found viral image caption meme using the image macro of Frank Reynolds saying "I get it" (shown below). The post received over 18,400 upvotes in the /r/memes[2] subreddit in four years.

When you've always hated boomers complaining about millennials and you see a bunch of 12 year olds doing Fortnite dances I get it now.


On April 26th, 2021, an anonymous 4chan user created a /lit/ thread about Stephanie Meier's novel Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, a gender-swapped version of her novel Twilight, describing it. In the thread, another user replied with an image of Frank, with the original line altered to "I get it now" (shown below). The post saw viral spread online through reposts on other social media. For example, on September 15th, 2021, Tumblr[3] user loving_n0t_heyting posted a screenshot of the thread, with the post gaining 180 likes and reblogs in one year.

O Anonymous 04/26/21(Mon)16:24:57 No.150079078 >>150079193 >>150079231 >150079258 >>150079449 >>150079666 >>150079790 >>150079805 >150080021 >>150080117 >>150080506 >>150080690 >>150080756 >>150081242 >>150082099 >>150082326 >>150082396 >>150084459 >>150084748 >>150084805 >>150084902 >>150085323 >>150085352 >>150086312 >>150086927 >>150087196 >>150087263 >>150087750 >>150088325 >>150089464 >>150093635 >>150094527 >>150096480 >>150096994 >>150097169 >>150097731 >>150097982 File: Id.png (499 KB, 1047x1572) fe and deats Stephanie Meyer wrote a book that was a remake of Twilight with every character's gender swapped So it's now a story about a sullen loser high school boy who gets systemically stalked and pressured into a relationship by a borderline psychotic vampire girl that's constantly internally struggling with her desire to f--- him outweighing her desire to eat him, who then protects him from an even more predatory vampire girl who simply wants to torture and devour him, then she later gets into a feud with a muscular and athletic Native American werewolf girl that is also in love with him STEPHANIEMN Anonymous 04/26/21(Mon)18:54:14 No.150084902 >>150096603 >>150079078 what the f--- I finally get it O Anonymous 04/26/21(Mon)23:31:26 No.150096603 โ–บ File: 6sfha4wsu5x11.png (122 KB, 750x422) I get it now. >>150084902 Damn, now I feel bad for making fun of Twilight all these years. What the f--- happened to me?

On August 20th, the Twitter[4] account @filmdaze posted the reaction image, writing, "what movie made you react like this." The post gained over 120 quote tweets and 760 likes.

On October 23rd, 2022, Twitter[5] user @YoungHungDad then posted the image, captioning it, "Nihilists after getting an unenthusiastic handjob from a girl wearing Cookie Monster pajama pants." The tweet (shown below) gained over 90 retweets and 410 likes in three months and was widely circulated in the following weeks; for example, on November 13th, Twitter[6] user @ShinMegamiJimi posted a screenshot of it which received over 2,200 retweets and 21,700 likes in two months.

FriendFox @YoungHungDad Nihilists after getting an unenthusiastic h------ from a girl wearing Cookie Monster pajama pants 11:33 PM ยท Oct 23, 2022 I get it now.

Following the viral spread of the post, the image and the video of the scene achieved significant popularity on social media, used on Twitter,[7] TikTok,[8] iFunny[9] and other sites.

Various Examples

When the players start to care about each other's backstories and character development culminating in a dramatic "my dream is worthless if I can't see their dream fufilled as well" scene O My cousin getting indoctrinated into deep ifunny Oh, my God. I get it. Konata's Feet Every Day @KonataFeetDaily people who aren't into feet after receiving a f------ from a femboy konata cosplayer under the table at an outback steakhouse: 2:17 AM Nov 28, 2022 I get it now. P
ven @gaycancerlord cannibalism deniers after eating a human leg 10:13 AM Nov 27, 2022 I get it now. Doom slayer when they get head from Angel Dust from hazbin Hotel I get it now. FX Sappy+ (I'm in my flop era>>>) @SappySappster Mewtwo after I hand them a BLT Sandwhich I get it now. Pokemon Gems @PokemonGems Dec 25, 2022 Show this thread adobe-outdesign Do you think the "give the legendary Pokemon a sandwich thing" would work to befriend other legendaries. imagine some kid convincing Mewtwo to stop loathing humanity because they gave him a ham and swiss on rye 1:28 PM - Dec 26, 2022


I get it. I get it now. I get it now. This is Cinema

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