Jesus is a Jerk

Jesus is a Jerk

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Jesus is a Jerk (also known as "Jesus is a Dick" or "Asshole Jesus") is a set of image exploitables showing Jesus by average people doing everyday tasks. Hilarity ensues as it often involves funny and often vulgar text is added.

"Delete System 32, il make your computer run faster." F--- off, Jesus


The original images with the caption "With You Always" were illustrated as a series titled " Jesus: With You Always" in 1987 by the Christian artist Larry Van Pelt who resides in Niceville, Florida. On his website, he explains:

The enclosed images are from 11×14 pencil drawings that are the result of an undertaking that began when I was 50 years old. I was awakened in the middle of the night with a clear, vivid impression that the Lord wanted me to do some special drawings -- drawings depicting ordinary people in their everyday environment . . . . with one important addition: the presence of Jesus Christ and His involvement in those routine activities.

"Witk you always" "With you dlways" "With you alway"

Larry Van Pelt

His Reaction

"It’s the message that is important, not the image. That message is going to many who openly reject it, but the image remains in the mind to remind. I’m sad that people would make fun of Jesus, but rejoice that they are confronted by the message that the drawing presents and I pray that God would bless them with that realization."


Although it is unclear exactly when or where the earliest parodies of Pelt's artworks were uploaded, but keyword search trend for the irreverent drawings of Jesus began in 2004 under the name "Asshole Jesus." According to Google Insights graph, it wasn't until late 2009 when the image series became associated with phrases like "Jesus is a Jerk" and "Jesus is a D*ck."

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