Joe Biden Buries Dogs

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"Joe Biden Buries Dogs" or similar statements refer to memes originating on Tumblr which refer to the satirical claim that former Vice President of the United States and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden ordered his campaign staff to bury a dog alive after it walked onto his stage during a rally.


On September 26th, 2015, the YouTube channel for RT, a Russian international television network, uploaded a video titled "Pregnant dog entombed alive under pavement, rescued by local residents in Russia". The description of this video credited the original video to the channel "МОЁ! Online | Все новости Воронежа".

The video shows a man, accompanied by several neighbors, removing bricks from a street and digging to rescue a dog trapped underground. The woman filming explains that the dog was pregnant and had been left without food or water for two days after being sealed in by workers.

On March 4th, 2020, Twitch streamer wayneradiotv posted a set of gifs of the video on Tumblr; these gifs were played in reverse, appearing to instead show a person placing a dog into a hole in a street, covering it with dirt, and sealing the hole with bricks.[1] In the caption, the poster claims that the dog had wandered onto the stage of a rally for United States presidential candidate Joe Biden, and that Biden "had his campaign team bury and seal the dog underground with bricks." A similar post was made on wayneradiotv's Twitter account.[2]

Purveyor of Misinformation "Wayne Radio TV" @wayner... · Mar 5 this dog walked on stage during a biden rally and joe had his campaign team bury and seal the dog underground with bricks. this is SO fucked up, are some of you really voting for this 'nice guy'? #IDoNotLikeJoeBiden GIF


Reactions to the posts varied, with some commenters believing it to be true and condemning Biden, some identifying it as satire and feigning shock, and others identifying it as false but unhumorous and accusing posters of spreading deliberate misinformation about a candidate in an upcoming political election. Many, regardless of how they perceived the intent of the post, expressed concern for the wellbeing of the actual animal pictured. User sexhaver declared that they wanted to make the post big enough that Biden would have to respond to it, which would further make the story appear true.[3]

sexhaver March 9th 2020, 8:35:55 am - 15 hours ago we need to get the joe biden dog burying thing big enough to where he's actually forced to publicly acknowledge and deny it, because biden is not capable of delivering that speech without making it sound like he totally buries dogs alive

Snopes Response

On March 9th, 2020, fact-checking website Snopes published an article declaring that the story was false[4] after the spread of edited images showing a non-existant Snopes article claiming the story was true:

snopes.com @snopes · Mar 9 Thankfully, it's not all that often we have to fact-check a fake fact check. No, Joe Biden Didn't Bury a Dog on Stage at a Campaign Rally Purveyors of misinformation often present ruses as if they originated from credible outlets. P snopes.com Fact Checks Politics Claim Did Joe Biden really bury a dog on stage at a campaign rally? A viral post alleges that Joe Biden instructed his campaign team to bury and seal a dog underground with bricks because it wandered onstage during a Biden campaign rally. A stray dog walked on stage during a Joe Biden rally, prompting his campaign team to bury and seal the dog underground with bricks. BETHANIA PALMA PUBLISHED 8 MARCH 2020 I UPDATED 8 MARCH 2020 Rating Imagess True About this rating Ľ Image via wayneradiotv/Tumblr Do you rely on Snopes reporting? Become a member today.

…Tumblr pages “Wayne Radio TV” and “Piss Vortex” started spreading a rumor that 2020 presidential candidate and former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden had his staff bury a dog after it wandered on stage during a campaign event. While this crude rumor was unbelievable, it was accompanied by a set of manipulated images which appeared to show a Snopes article had rated the claim as “True.”

Biden’s campaign did not bury a dog on stage during a rally and Snopes did not publish an article verifying that he did. This rumor and fact check were made up out of whole cloth.

This was met by further satirical posts claiming that Snopes were the ones responsible for spreading misinformation.

Various Examples

johnnyjoestarrelatable March 9th 2020, 4:18:00 am - 19 hours ago young man there's a dog in the crowd i said young man put that dog in the ground OH MY GOD, IT'SP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE JOE BIDEN BC NEWS BID N RESIDENT BID PRESIDENT IVE GOT TO GO UP ON STAGE AND SHAKE HIS HAND, I'M SURE HE WONT MIND Bernie or Biden? Be informed. Compare them on the issues that matter. Issue: a dog wanders onstage My psionic warriors! Hi doggy Seal this Booboo Bear within the earth! I command you!
Piss Vortex @pissvortex · 16h DOG LOVERS! Please, please do not vote for Joe Biden! This is so sick and heartbreaking!!! Did Joe Biden really bury a dog on stage at a campaign rally? Avepegs : A stray dog walked on stage during a Joe Bi prompting his campaign team to bury and underground with bricks. Rating True Abthi rating Do you rely on Snopes eporting? Decome a member today. Q 72 27849 O 3,468 ↑, ili Cipher_Siren @cipher_siren - 59m @shaun care to verify this before spreading misinformation? Shaun @shaun_vids 46m it says it is true 210 dogburier im a rapid dog Not following each other Today at 9:24 PM dogburier i did it i wanted that fucking mutt in the earth A Don Bluth Film All Dogs UNDEigOutD

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