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Mammy refers to an exploitable image of the Looney Tunes character, Bugs Bunny.


Any Bonds Today? was a 90-second cartoon that was released in movie theaters as an advertisement to encourage people to buy War Bonds.

Leon Schlesinger's cartoon featured Warner Bros. character, Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes character singing the derivative of the song "Any Yams Today?".

The racial dilemma in the advertisement was that during the song, Bugs Bunny transforms into an all-out minstrel approximately at 1:02.

The 15-second sequence is actually a parody of Al Jolson in the theatrical make-up Blackface

What is Blackface?

The cartoon advertisement was later-banned for the racial negligence of the use of Blackface.

Blackface was a racist theatrical makeup created back in the 19th century. Its intention?

To make an actor look like a stereotypical African-American.

Though, the video was redefined with the excess color and was later aired on Cartoon Network as a tribute to Bug Bunny's early work.

Oh, Exploitable!

Wikipedia's article on "Any Bonds Today?" featured a screen shot of the redefined commercial.

against a patriotic backdrop, at one point going into a t refrain, he is joined by Porky Pig, in Navy uniform, and Elmer は, s in blackface, singing to "Uncle Sammy", has been ved from modern releases of the film. Cartoon Network, which in as part of a "June Bugs" marathon, ultimately decided to pull pict ethnic stereotypes. I should be of note, however, that t removed, on a ToonHeads special about lost and rare Warne Jolson in blackface Bugs Bunny parodies Al aturing the Elmer Fudd modeled after his voice actor, Arthur Q. Bryan, which is fatter than the with a fat Elmer because he could not make Porky as fat as he was in his first cartoon, / [edit]

This photo obviously didn't take long for it to become an exploitable on 4chan.

The thread appearing in 4chan archive featured numerous amounts of variations.

凶FILE DELETED「Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:324 No. 176938733 >>「Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:33:5 No.176938916 File : 12590 19230219.pngー(23 KB. 655x557· linktriforce.png) ah luuuuurve zelda >>「Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:345 No. 176939095 File 1259019290797 ipg-(36 KB, 655x557, op.jpg) op = asking for it >>「Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:345 No. 176939121 ® FILE DELETED UC >>「Anonymous 1 1/23/09(Mon) 18:35: 1 No. 176939162 bump this s--- while u draw, f--- >>「Anonymous 11/23/09(Mon)18:35:5 No.176939299 w-- does this facial expression even mean. Anonymous 1 1/23/09(Mon) 18:363 No.176939422 File 1259019393064.ipg-(51 KB, 300x267, 1249509583644.jpg)

The "Mammy" Title

4chanarchive - bl-Mammy-7:47pm Nov 23, 2009.. You can simply make an account on 4chanarchive.org.... I this post ends in Doubles, this meme is now named "Mammy" 4chanarchive.org/brchive/176938733/Mammy/. Cached-P困

According to an exploitable thread, the name actually was received from a 4chan GET. Because of the Get, the meme can be referred to as "Mammy, a derogatory word meaning "A black nursemaid or nanny in charge of white children."[1]

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[1] Dictionary.com – Mammy

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