Matsuda, you idiot!

Matsuda, you idiot!

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Matsuda, you idiot! (Japanese: 松田バカヤロウ!, Matsuda Bakayarou!), sometimes translated to "Matsuda, you asshole", refers to a style of parody series that use the climax scene in the TV animation series for Death Note.

Soon after this scene was aired in Japan in 2007, Light's epic death cry with weird facial expression and many misheard phrases in this scene have been set to a subject of MAD videos on Nico Nico Douga (NND). Later, this fad has been imported to westerners' web.


The scene originates from the later part of Death Note episode 37 "New World", and was originally aired on June 26th, 2007. Light attempts to kill Near by writing his name on a piece of the Death Note hidden in his watch. Before he can, Light is shot several times by Matsuda[1]. Light shows epic death cry and maneuver in agony.

Misheard Phrases

In addition to Light's epicness, this scene also got the attention by its many funny misheard phrases shouted by Light and others.

Light Kore wa Wana da! Kona Banana!
It's a trap! Powder Banana!
Baka Yarou! Bata roru!
You, Idiot! Bread roll!
Tousaaaan Zousaaaan!
Fatheeeeer! Elephaaaaant!
Omoi douri! Homo ni doui!
At my pleasure! I agree with gay!
Dare wo utteru! Tare wo utteru!
Who do you shoot!? You're selling a source!
Huzakerunaa! Pūsan keruna!
F**k off! Don't kick the Pooh!
Matsuda Baka wo mita de sumaseru noka? Kakaobita de Sumaseru noka?
You're saying they are the fools? You're saying that cacao is bitter?
Korosu! Kurozu! or Komusun!
Kill you! Black Vinegar! or COMSN![2]
Near Resutā! Jevanni! Misutā Debu Annin!
Rester! Gevanni! Mr. fatty apricot kernel!
Mikami Yonjū! Pe yon jun!
Forty! Bae Yong Joon![3]

These funny misheard phrases also stimulated parody makers’motivation.


This scene started to be reused in MAD videos on NND right after it was on the air. The earliest MAD video got popularity on NND was posted on June 28th, 2007, titled "Light Yagami was Replaced the Precious Notebook".[4] This was also a derivative of Marisa Stole the Precious Thing.

By Light's epic shouting, this MAD series was named "Matsuda, You Idiot!" (松田バカヤロウシリーズ)[5]. Around March, 2008, the popularity of "Matsuda, You Idiot!" series got the highest peak. Hundereds of video related to this series were uoloaded to NND and many of them placed on NND's ranking page at that time.

In the end of June 2009, the accident was happened. the huge amounts of videos on NND were deleted due to copyright claims. "Death Note" was no exception. Moreover, VAP co, ltd. , the copyright holder of the TV animation series for Death Note, has kept monitoring on NND strictly. Because of this, almost all MAD videos in this series had been eliminated from there and it became very difficult to upload a new video.

To avoid monitoring by VAP, NND users gave another name to this series such as Bakayaloid (バカヤロイド)[6] or Bananaloid (バナナロイド)[7], and tried keeping the fad. These names are compound words of "Vocaloid" and misheard phrases above.

However, despite their effort, the MAD video in this series are still being deleted continually. Nowadays, the momentum of this fad on NND has been almost lost.

As of September 2011, the amount of videos related to this series is only 150[8].

Appeal Outside of Japan

Different from NND, the copyright claim by VAP wasn't so effective on YouTube. Many of popular MAD videos in this series that were reuploaded from NND in previous are still alive.
In addition, some of western people have made their own parodies (YouTube Poops Music Videos) reusing this scene. They choose not only the original Japanese version, but also dubbed version of their languages as the resource of their works. Those are uploaded to YouTube[9].

Notable Examples

For more videos, chech out the videos section in this entry.


Light of Lights[10] (See also: Night of Knights)

Kira Kira Douga Meteor Storm[11]

7 colors of Kira Kira Douga[12]

Westerners' Draw

Death Note kirby theme (hungarian ver. by walter pictures)

YTPMV BR – Can't Let You Do That, Kira

Rainbow Note (See also: Rainbow Tylenol)

External References

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