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Mind Size / Brain Size

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Mind Size, also known as Brain Size, is a reaction image depicting animated character Megamind (played by Will Ferrell) grinning next to a washing machine dial (which uses the same image as the Oof Size Large meme) labeled "Mind size" that is set to “Mega.” A second version depicting YouTuber Markiplier with his forehead humorously enlarged uses the meme Yeah, This is Big Brain Time with the reaction image showing his face next to the dial labeled “Brain size” that is set to "Large." Each of these variants are typically used as reaction images to show the intellect or wittiness of the above caption or image in the top panel. Though usually genuine, they can also be used sarcastically.


The image used in the Mind Size meme comes from the cover art of the film Megamind, which hit theaters on October 30th, 2010, after its release to DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms. The cover artwork (shown below), features the movie’s protagonist smirking while looking toward the camera and was also used during promotion.

Megamind Cover Art for movie

Redditor[5] MohamedHanycreativep posted the earliest known version of the meme on February 5th, 2020. The post received more than 1,700 points (96% upvoted) in less than one year (shown below).

W/MohamedHanyCreativep Medium Small MEGA Mind size


The following day, on February 6th, Redditor[1] Dahooligan559 posted a variation of the meme that received more than 30,000 upvotes (92% upvoted) and 100 comments in less than one year (shown below).

When the teacher puts a D in your gradebook so you put a D in his daughter Medium Small MEGA Mind size

The meme continued to spread primarily on Reddit as several versions were posted to a wide array of subreddits in February 2020. Shortly after the original, Redditor[2] Dank-meme-addict posted another example to r/memes on February 8th, 2020, depicting Megamind with a glowing eyes effect added to the reaction image.

As the format saw frequent use on meme subreddits in the following days, it then began to spread outside these subs across the platform. On February 19th, 2020, Redditor[3] gideonsnippe posted a version relating to Minecraft on the r/minecraft sub (shown below).

*When you use wooden logs as the corners of your wooden plank house* Medium Small MEGA Mind size

Brain Size / Big Brain Time Variant

After the Megamind version of the meme rapidly spread around Reddit, another version depicting YouTuber Markiplier began popping up as another variant of the reaction image with slightly different imagery. Stemming from the “Yeah, This is Big Brain Time” meme that was popularized in mid-2019, the reaction image swaps Megamind for Markiplier and the text “Mind Size” for “Brain Size.”

Used in the same context as Megamind’s Mind Size, Brain Size (shown below) was posted by Redditor[4] DaFunEMan_YT to the r/dankmemes sub on February 25th, 2020, where it received over 50,000 upvotes, Reddit awards and 100 comments.

God after giving bees absolutely amazing knees Medium Small Large BRAIN SIZE

Various Examples

Politician puts ad on Pornhub and says 'you have to be where vour voters are' NEWS.SKY.COM Medium Small MEG Mind size When puzzle says 3-5 years but you solve it under 2 years Medium Small MEGA Mind size OH MY GOD MY DAD TRIED TO PRINT A VIDEO Deep Purple Tebe-Smoke On The Water STUN Medium Small MEG Mind size

Last night I opened the windows and let mosquitoes all inside then I closed the windows and slept outside. "it's called confusina the enemv" Medium Small MEGA Mind size According to a Japanese legend, when you can not sleep at night it is because you are awake Medium Small MEGA Mind size Teacher: how do you spell squirrel Me: skwirl Teacher: that's wrong Me: well actually u asked me how I spell it u didn't ask me for the right spelling Medium Small MEGA Mind size


Medium Small MEGA Mind size

Medium Small MEGA Mind size

Markiplier with a big forehead and a brain size dial going from small to large

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