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Mordecai Was a Simp

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Mordecai Was a Simp refers to a series of posts, memes and videos arguing that the deuteragonist of Regular Show animated series Mordecai expressed behavior characteristic of simps; i.e. behaved sheepishly hung up on his object of desire Margaret to the point of acting subservient to her and putting her interests above his friendship with his best friend Rigby. The argument also saw Mordecai being compared with the main protagonist of Adventure Time Finn.


On October 5th, 2019, Twitter[1] user @kingfadedz made the first known post making an argument that the Regular Show character Mordecai was a simp. The tweet received over 230 retweets and 750 likes in four months (shown below).


Until mid-February 2020, the argument saw limited presense online, with several notable posts made during that period. For example, a November 24th, 2019, Instagram[2] post by holyperc30 received over 4,600 views and 1,200 likes in three months (shown below). A January 6th, 2020, tweet[3] by @SimeonV2 received over 190 likes in two months.

On February 9th, 2020, Twitter[4] user @OOCRegularShow (Out Of Context Regular Show) posted a clip from episode "It's Time" of Regular Show in which the main protagonist Mordecai pushes deuteragonist Rigby to his death after the latter accuses him of flanking on him to spend for a chance to spend time with his object of desire, Margaret, who doesn't appear to be interested in him. On the same day, Twitter[5] user @cjafterdark quoted the tweet, writing "he really killed this nigga over some pussy," with the tweet receiving over 16,800 retweets and 86,500 likes (shown below).

The tweet sparked a widespread debate on Twiitter about whether Mordecai could be considered a simp, with many users posting videos in support of the argument, as well as memes about Mordecai behaving as a simp. For example, a meme posted by Twitter[6] user @iMyles on February 9th, 2020, received over 960 retweets and 6,300 likes (shown below).

On February 12th, 2020, Twitter[7] user @kasaisaiyajin tweeted "who was more of a simp, Mordecai or Finn" (main protagonist of Adventure Time), gaining over 1,600 retweets and 11,300 likes and sparking another round of discussion. A poll tweeted[8] by @kasaisaiyajin on the same day showed that 86.8% out of over 72,200 voters agreed that Mordecai was a bigger simp (tweets shown below).

Leon @kasaisaiyajin · Feb 12 Who was more of a simp, Mordecai or Finn? 841 27 1.6K 11.3K Leon @kasaisaiyajin Poll: Mordecai 86.8% Finn 13.2% 72,220 votes · Final results 10:24 PM · Feb 12, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

Various Examples

Crash Twinsanity OST - Worm Chase @WendySnowRadish There's literally only one other character who could ever match Mordecai in terms of who's the biggest fictional simp of all time and it's 10:56 AM - Feb 21, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone R TRAFON @RiseFallNick Mordecai's trending on Twitter completely off of the entire website calling him a Simp over Finn the Human. 2020 is amazing. 4:13 PM · Feb 13, 2020 · Twitter Web Client spook* @SpookySpooks69 just noticed that while everyone is talking about if mordecai is a bigger simp than finn, no one is talking about who's the bigger chad 4:49 PM · Feb 13, 2020 · Twitter Web App

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Mordecai's romantic sub-plots were easily the worst aspect of the show for me, bar none. Him pining for Margret awkwardly was fine for a bit, but it got really grating really fast. Especially when it seemed like that was the only purpose of either of their characters. Eventually though, CJ showed up and I really liked her, especially when they were dating.

Then the second Christmas special happened with the drama of Margret coming back and I'll admit it kind of killed the show for me. I stopped watching it regularly cough and only ever saw a few episodes after that. Was surprised as hell when I saw they were suddenly in space, and eventually watched the finale with only a bit of context to back it up but still enjoyed it.

To which I found it kind of telling how they just sort of force Mordecai into a relationship with some random woman last minute as some slapdash effort to give him a happy ending like everyone else, despite that their relationships were actually built up.


Emphasis on "was", since he eventually got over it and then it was Margaret the one who was too clinged to him while dating CJ, so it is very debatable for him to be the "biggest" simp. Same argument for Finn.


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