Skips Sitting Next To Graves

Skips Sitting Next To Graves

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Skips Sitting Next To Graves, also known as The Price of Immortality, is an exploitable image macro series depicting animated characters from the Cartoon Network TV show Regular Show sitting on a hill in one frame, with Skips (who’s immortal) sitting alone next to their graves in the bottom frame. The format is typically used as an object labeling macro with various subjects placed on top of the characters in the first image, only to have the object on Skips as the sole survivor in the last image after he outlives them.


The original image used in the meme does not actually occur at any point in Regular Show itself and is instead a fan art creation. The artwork, which is called “An Immortal Price,” was created by webcomic artist Irwincardozo Comics and first posted on May 25th, 2015, to his Facebook[1] account, where it received over 49,000 likes, 28,000 shares and 3,800 comments (seen below). Skips, who is the white yeti, is the only immortal character in the show.

irwinc 00

The first time it appeared in a meme was on July 18th, 2019, when Redditor[2] Yandamenr posted a version (shown below) to the /r/PewdiepieSubmissions subreddit, where it received over 35,000 upvotes and 324 comments.

Joergen Watersheep Boatcow #1 Sven Dinnerbone Sven 0/Yandare


On April 28th, 2020, Redditor[3] HunchoLou posted a variant to the /r/BikiniBottomTwitter subreddit (seen below, left), receiving over 56,000 upvotes and 1,100 comments. On April 29th, Redditor[4] organic_crystal-meth posted another example to the /r/dankmemes sub (seen below, right), receiving over 34,000 upvotes, 260 comments and a few Reddit awards.

My Liferas a Teenage Robot Jimmy Fairly Oddflarents, Rugras Invader Žim bongeBob Neutron Danny Phantom irwinc SpongeBob My memes irwinC 35.4k 3 7 25 11

On May 12th, Redditor[5] COD_FISH-06 posted a version to the /r/memes subreddit (shown below, left), receiving over 48,000 upvotes and 1,400 comments. On May 25th, Redditor[6] Konfuze7 posted another example referencing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to the /r/ShitPostCrusaders, receiving over 31,000 upvotes and 330 comments (seen below, right).

GRAVITY CALLS CN ADVENTURE S ME 降去神通 AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER. SPORYEBO SOUAREPANTS AMAZING WORLD OF CUNBALL irwinC SPOngeBoz SQUAREPANTS made with mematic girl making jojo characters as their boyfriend oingo boingo artist person that put giorno's photoshopper guy making ameme out ofevery line

Various Examples

The guys who made The nice dude and The guys who the best jokes his little brother always carried Me irwinC "Last Online Over a Year Ago" Me wojak the only survivor from rage comics Me and my friends starting e survival world together a Irwinc Me after a month being the only one still playing

Level 8 Level 20 Level 9) Level 10 Level 12 Irwinc Level 115 Level 32 Active 6 Level 24 Level 21 Level 30 months ago Active 1 Active 1 Active 2 Level 45 Active now year ago year ago years ago Active 5 months ago Irwinc HDD msi b150, 13 case Mothe6100 GTX 750 ti (500W PSU Board irwinc 500w PSU


irwinc 00

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