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No Thoughts Head Empty

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No Thoughts Head Empty is an internet catchphrase used online to express either speechlessness or personal stupidity. The catchphrase has been used as a caption on numerous image macros that feature a character with a blank expression.


While the origin of the phrase is unclear, it appears to have started with an image macro of Cosmo from The Fairly Oddparents captioned with "No thoughts head empty." It was posted by Twitter user @Spruiko[3] on February 20th, 2018 (shown below).

No thoughts. Head empty.


On February 24th, 2018, Twitter user @cherritxts[2] posted the phrase with a picture of a figurine of Widowmaker from Overwatch, marking the first known variation (shown below).

im cherri now @cherritxts no thoughts head empty

The phrase began growing more popular in the following year in the K-Pop fandom, where it is commonly used to express adoration of a particular idol or joke about an idol having a blank stare. For example, on July 11th, 2019, Twitter user @touchnct[4] posted a video of idol Jungwoo having a blank stare, gaining over 410 retweets and 800 likes (shown below, left). On August 6th, user @bffjeongkuk[5] posted the caption with Yoongi, gaining over 650 retweets and 1,500 likes (shown below, right).

통 #PUNCH @touchnct jungwoo: no thoughts head empty 0:03 8.2K views > myrcka' @bffjeongguk no thoughts. head empty. only yoongi [Having 号 포레스트 무념무상 [Having no thoughts]

On September 27th, 2019, Urban Dictionary[1] user moonclqud added the phrase "no thoughts head empty," defining it as "when you have encountered so flabbergasting that your brain cells have left the chat, leaving you with no thoughts, speechless" (shown below).

no thoughts head empty when you have encountered so flabbergasting that your brain cells have left the chat, leaving you with no thoughts, speechless. "I've mistaken my grandma's ashes for ground black pepper." "no thoughts head empty" ##e by moonclqud September 27, 2019

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no thoughts head empty NO THOUGHTS HEAD EMPTY No Thoughts UwU Head empty NO THOUGHTS HEAD EMPTY NO THOUGHTS HEAD EMPTY Audie Animal Crossing no thoughts head empty

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