Now Do Classical Gas

Now Do Classical Gas

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Now Do Classical Gas is a quote from The Simpsons character Lenny in the episode "Last Exit to Springfield." In the scene, Lenny asks Lisa, who is playing acoustic guitar, to play the piece "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams.[1] The scene became the subject of YouTube Poop remix videos popular on the Facebook page Simpsons Shitposting in early 2017.


"Last Exit to Springfield"[2] aired on March 11th, 1993. In the episode, Homer becomes head of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant trade union and leads the workers on strike in order to regain their dental health care (note: this is also the episode that spawned Dental Plan / Lisa Needs Braces). While striking, Lisa Simpson plays a protest song on an acoustic guitar. At the end of the song, Lenny approaches her and asks her to play the song "Classical Gas" (shown below).

On February 18th, 2017, a video of Lenny asking Lisa to play "Classical Gas," only to have her go into Walter Murphy's "A Fifth of Beethoven" was posted to Simpsons Shitposting by Trent Black.[3]


This started a wave of similar shitposts remixing the clip on the page, with Classical Gas edits appearing regularly for nearly a month. On February 26th, YouTuber DJ Cazzah uploaded a version which had Lenny reappearing over and over that gained over 16,000 views on YouTube (shown below).

Another popular upload remixed the scene with Lenny drunk approaching Mr. Burns in his car, uploaded February 23rd by Alex John. On the Facebook page, the post gained nearly 3,000 likes.[4] Several more edits have appeared on YouTube and "Classical Gas" has become an in-joke among Simpsons shitposters.

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None of you are going to believe me, but Steve LaFever, the bassist for Mason Williams,who made this song really popular, lived in my neighborhood. His wife would watch my guinea pigs and he gifted my brother his old bass amp.

It really warms my heart to see his work be appreciated in this way.


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