Nujak | Black and white line art illustration of a bald man making the hmmph expression similar to McKayla Maroney's half smile


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Nujak, also known as Nujack and Nu Wojak, is a series of illustrations featuring a cartoonish depiction of the MS Paint character Wojak, which has been widely accused of being a forced meme on various 4chan boards.


On January 19th, 2018, a cartoon-style Pink Wojak was submitted in a thread about cryptocurrency crashes to 4chan's /biz/ board (shown below).[2] In response, many derided the updated illustration as being "too Reddit."

just pls dont DONT BE ME Fri Jan 19 09:38:33 2018 No.6689483 [Reply] [Original] [] Quoted by: 6689536 >>6689582 >>6689616 >6689680>>6689780 >>6689793 >>6689847 >>6689885 >>6689951>>6690255 >6690819 >>6691352 > 6691431 >>6691473 >>6692111 >>6692206>6692453 >6692570 >>6692711>>6693069 >>6693077 >>6693114 >66931996693236 >6693285 >6693340>>6693814 >6693914 >>6693980 >>6694733>>66951716695656 >>6696441>6697159 >>6697532 >>6697716 >>6697861>>6697965 >>6697986 >6698897 >>6699062 >>6699160 >>6699351 >6700534 >>dont be me Squit my wagecuck artjob all in to crypto >market crash now im jobless bored now i spent time recreating /biz/ meme tell me how f***ed my life is? Anonymous Fri Jan 19 09:39:47 2018 No.6689512 Quoted by:>>6689620 >>6689851>>6689914 6689961 >6693012 >6693692 >6699711>6700312 that wojak is reddit as fuck. stop it

That day, another thread was submitted to /biz/ with the message "Only one shall previal," in which several users speculated the original artwork was created by an artist using the online handle "ignacio_9" (shown below).[4]

Anonymous Fri Jan 19 20:48:45 2018 No.6714033壶 Quoted by: 6714048 >6714153 >6714160 >>6714191 >>6714227>>6714 >6714720 >>67147976715125>>6715184 >>6715450 >6715565>>671 >6717150 >>6717479 >6717518 >>6717639 6717955 >6717997>>671 >6721701 >>6722103 >6723603>>6725753 >>6726303 >6726319 >>672 Only one shall prevail Anonymous Fri Jan 19 20:49:20 2018 No.6714048 >OP > ■ Anonymous Fri Jan 19 20:49:54 2018 No.6714069 That gapped teeth makes me want to punch my screen > J Anonymous Fri Jan 19 20:50:35 2018 No.6714098 Quoted by: 6714168 Get that soyjack off my board. Reeeeeeeeeeeee > ■ Anonymous Fri Jan 19 20:51:31 2018 No.6714153 Quoted by:6714198 >6714200 >>6714277 6714283 >6714326 6714848 6715019>>6715464>>6715513>>67162 >OP Haha I like the one on the left. Does this meme have a name? Anonymous Fri Jan 19 14:14:59 2018 No.6705833 File: 274 KB, 750x750, 1504045918754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report] > Quoted by:>6705890 >>6705665 Alright faggots we have compiled enough info to get to this faggot incase he keeps shilling his work Deviant Art: > Tumblr: Twitter: Patreon: Pictaro Our work here is done.


That same day, an anonymous 4chan user claiming to be Redditor secondhandfather submitted a Pink Wojak-style illustration of Nujack to the /s4s/ board,[1] claiming the image was "an edit not original." On January 20th, a thread discussing the new illustration was submitted to /biz/,[3] in which another anonymous commenter identified the artist by the online handle "ignacio_9" (shown below).

Anonymous Sat Jan 20 02:54:31 2018 No.6725249 [Reply] [Original] [archived.mos] Quoted by: >6725297>6725324 >6725334 6725336>6725338 >6725539 >6725545 >6725725 >6725745 >6726419 >>6726518 >6727259 Let's discuss what the fuck was going through the head of the 'artist' who drew Nujak. I have seen the thread, but I just can't tell Did he geniunely just want to share his art with people? Did he try to create a new meme? Was it a ploy to destroy Wojak from the inside out? Anonymous Sat Jan 20 02:55:57 2018 No.6725297 File: 98 KB, 1382x2048, 1516145199078.jpg View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report] Quoted by: 67253386725353 6725448 >6725745 >6725850 >>6725973 >OP ignacio_9 is the artist. We have his Twitter, DeviantArt and a couple other networks he's on.

On February 6th, 2018, a thread titled "Nu-Wojak Discussion" was submitted to the /qa/ (Question & Answer) board on 4chan,[5] which featured several reskinned variations of the character.[5]

Various Examples

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The greater aerie
The greater aerie

it's clean, and that's the problem.
wojack and other mspaint faces are great because of how grungy and rough they look and how easy they are to slap together.
also how bizarre or gross the subject matter is, clean wojack will always have less of a good feel to it


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