Oh Mein Gott Zees Is Ein Cave Full Of Blüntsmoken meme and tumblr post.

Oh Mein Gott Zees Is Ein Cave Full Of Blüntsmoken!

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Oh Mein Gott Zees Is Ein Cave Full Of Blüntsmoken! or No Little German Boy Don't Go To The Weed Cave is a viral text post on Tumblr posted in late October 2021. The post inspired numerous webcomics and memes recreating and referencing it as a catchphrase and was spammed by many Tumblr users as a copypasta. Shortly after it started going viral, Tumblr users boycotted the post as its "bluntsmoken" reply was made by a right-wing, conspiratorial account. The poster's account has since been removed.


On or around October 23rd, 2021, now-deleted Tumblr user bingobongos made a text post reading "no little german boy dont go to the weed cave." Shortly after, now-deleted Tumblr user repentant-retard-xii responded to the post with, "Oh mein Gott zees is in cave full of blüntsmoken," using fake German words and playing off of a joke that all you need to do to make a word German is add an "en" to the end (shown below).[1] The post gained an unknown number of notes before being deleted.

bingobongos no little german boy dont go to the weed cave repentant-retard-xii Oh mein Gott zees is ein cave full of blüntsmoken

That day, as the post gained traction, many Tumblr users began denouncing the post as its reply at least was made by a right-wing account with a slur for a username (repentant-retard-xii). The user was deleted shortly after that and has since started a new Tumblr[2] account at repentant-retard-xv. Every time their account is deleted they increase the roman numeral in their username, a trend among right-wing accounts on Tumblr. The post was copy-pasted and recreated by Tumblr[3] users numerous times after to take the limelight away from the right-wing accounts, including by mountaindewfrostbite, whose post was also screenshotted and uploaded to iFunny[4] on October 24th, gaining over 12,000 smiles in two weeks.

bondsmagii Follow Anonymous asked: The guy who replied on the German boy in the weed cave post, repentant-re- tard-xii, is a transmisogy- nistic anti-vaxxer who thinks American school shootings are just hoaxes to take their guns away. oh mein Gott thyrell i think my favorite part of the oh mein gott zis is ein cave full of blüntsmoken post is that it was originally by some weird right wingers but two different sets of popular blogs stole the post and now the original doesn't really circulate anymore. and the ppl who posted it originally were getting super mad about it zillion-ronald-manus post gentrification thyrell actually it was a good thing because people like you who suck up to those blogs got all mad over it for a bit too and it was really funny


The post has inspired a number of webcomics and pieces of fan art imagining it visually. On October 29th, 2021, Twitter[5] user NightMargin posted a Deltarune comic referencing the post, also referencing Doobie Ralsei gaining over 38,600 likes and 7,900 retweets in 11 days (shown below).

No LITTLE GERMAN BOY DONT GO INTO THE WEED CAVE Oh mein Gott! zees is ein Cave full of blüntsmoken!

On October 30th, Twitter[7] user Hellboy484 replied to the post with a video reimagining the post (shown below).

On November 8th, Redditor Whimsycottt posted an imagining of the text post based on the anime Bleach to /r/bleach,[6] gaining over 480 upvotes in a day (shown below).

No little geman boy don't go to the weed cave Oh mein Gort. Zees is ein Cave full of blüntsmoken!

2022 Variations

The original blüntensmoken post inspired a variety of variations, exploiting the same rules to produce mock German out of English words and placing the little German boy in new situations.

On January 24th, 2022, Tumblr user existentialcrisisetcetera made a post placing the little German boy by an electric fence. The post received almost 30,000 notes.[8]

existentialcrisisetcetera Follow no little german boy don't walk into that electric fence! oh mein gott, zhis fence is full of shockenspdyiujhsgfwgh;lkjsdhggslkjn; dbjvkgchskjhlbndjbhvkjgsvhlbdhvkjgfl hkd #little german boy O 29,678 notes

The trend of placing the little German boy in new situations continued with an even more popular post by Tumblr user dxmerons on February 5th, 2022, which received over 54,000 notes and featured the little German boy meeting Perry the Platypus.[9]

dxmerons Follow little german boy: und platenpüssen? perry: *puts his hat on* little german boy: oh mein gotten! perry ze platenpüssen!! #someone help me #little german boy #perry the platypus #phineas and ferb O 54,030 notes

A post by Tumblr user pogasm on February 8th, 2022 encouraged the little German boy not to open a Tumblr account, to which user that-one-queer-poc responded with an imagined reply, receiving 81 notes. This post was reposted to Reddit's r/Tumblr, where it received over 8,000 upvotes.[10]

pogasm Follow NO LITTLE GERMAN BOY DO NOT CREATE A TUMBLR ACCOUNT!!! that-one-queer-poc Follow #oh mein gott zis webbenseiten ist full of dissencöursen 81 notes D

Various Examples

NO LITTLE GERMAN BOY DONT GO TO THE WEED CAVE Oh mien Gott zees is ein cave full of BLÜNTSMOKEN! Oh mein gott. 2ees is ein cave full of blüntsmoken - DLOEZA blüntsmoken! he NO LITTLE ISHGARDIAN GIRL DONT Go TO THE WEED CAVE oh mein gotH!!! sid! zees is ein cave full of blüntsmoken!

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Ten Shadows

I don't agree with any of that weird right-wing conspirational nonsense, but I can see why they'd be angry and I give credit where credit's due – this is a rare semi-funny meme and we shouldn't feel proud for stealing from other people.


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