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F1NN5TER is the online handle of a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber named Jude. He is best known for streaming Minecraft and doing streams crossdressing as an e-girl character named Rose, sometimes specifically trolling strangers on the internet on stream with his outfits.


F1NN5TER joined YouTube on June 1st, 2015,[1] and began by posting Minecraft clips (first video shown below). Over the following few years, he grew known in the Minecraft YouTuber scene by doing videos with fellow Minecraft YouTuber Skeppy.

In January of 2019, he lost a bet with a friend who said they could make him look like a woman,[1] and on February 6th, 2019, he uploaded to a secondary channel the first of four videos in which he interacts with strangers on Omegle in female clothing, gaining over 3.3 million views in two and a half years (shown below). The video at first received little attention until he uploaded "I Became an E-Girl in Minecraft" to his main channel, after which fans discovered his secondary channel where he dresses like a woman on Omegle (shown below, right).

In May of 2020, F1NN5TER streamed as an e-girl on Twitch due to losing another bet, but these proved popular, so he continued streaming as an e-girl after the bet was over.[1] His third channel, F1NN5TER Live, compiled highlights of his Twitch streams. To date, the most popular video there is "FINN WENT OUT IN PUBLIC DRESSED AS A GIRL | Stream Highlights #6," which gained over 1.7 million views.

2023 Twitch Ban

On February 7th, 2023, F1NN5TER received a ban from Twitch, which was announced by the @StreamerBans Twitter[6] account. That day, @F1NN5TER retweeted[7] the post with a photograph of himself standing in a blank room, writing, "guess I’ll just hang out in purgatory," garnering over 76,000 likes in eight days (shown below). Under the post, he speculated that he may have been banned for showing shorts under his dress for a few seconds, although was not certain about the reason.

FINNSTER @F1NN5TER guess I'll just hang out in purgatory StreamerBans @StreamerBans. Feb 7 Automated X Twitch Partner "F1NN5TER" has been banned! X #twitch #ban #firstban #partner #twitchpartner l ...

On February 8th, @F1NN5TER posted a photo of himself, writing, "THE FIRST MALE TO BE BANNED FOR 'FEMALE PRESENTING' BOOBY STREAMING 🥇," garnering over 163,000 likes in a week (shown below). He elaborated in a comment, writing, "While fixing my bra, this was seen as 'prolonged touching of female presenting breasts'.
There’s 2 rulesets and Twitch don’t warn if they see you as female presenting. As a man, touching your chest can now be bannable depending on how feminine Twitch sees you :)." F1NN5TER has since been unbanned.

FINN5TER @F1NN5TER - Feb 8 THE FIRST MALE TO BE BANNED FOR "FEMALE PRESENTING" BOOBY STREAMING ous Sinps 13,500 1,151 FINN5TER @F1NN5TER t 6,833 163.8K ılı 6.4M Details: While fixing my bra, this was seen as "prolonged touching of female presenting breasts". There's 2 rulesets and Twitch don't warn if they see you as female presenting. As a man, touching your chest can now be bannable depending on how feminine Twitch sees you :) ... lebaho ne Pr azz or xx Amoyamoy C FI Garning

Online Presence

On Twitch,[2] F1NN5TER has over 370,000 subscribers. His three YouTube channels have a combined 1.1 million subscribers, and his main channel has over 479,000 subscribers.[3] On Twitter,[4] he has over 407,000 followers. On August 4th, he tweeted[5] that Know Your Meme had made him the "face" of the Submissive and Breedable meme after his face was used in a thumbnail for the Know Your Meme YouTube video on the subject (shown below).

FINN5TER ... @F1NN5TER to whoever works at KnowYourMeme that made me the face of "Submissive and Breedable"... thanks bro u too SUBMISSIVE AND BREEDABLE Know Your Meme 5:26 PM · Aug 4, 2021 · Twitter Web App

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