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Megan Bitchell is a comedian, actress and Twitter celebrity known for her comedic tweets, thirst traps and leftist political opinions. Bitchell began posting on Twitter in June 2019 and gained over 100,000 followers over the next four years, also becoming popular on sites like TikTok, Instagram and Letterboxd. She has been considered a part of the "dirtbag left" by some. In 2020, a subreddit dedicated to Bitchell was opened, gaining over 12,000 members in three years. Bitchell has been responsible for starting several online trends and memes, including the Cowboy, Samurai or Pirate trend and the If It Was Written By Joss Whedon meme.

Online History

Megan Bitchell made her first post to the @MeganBitchell Twitter[1] on June 19th, 2019, reading, "is this thing on." Later that day she tweeted,[2] "I am the left’s Laura Loomer." Before that, Bitchell became active on Letterboxd, [3] reviewing her first movie, Ingloruious Basterds, on June 9th, giving it a three-out-of-five star rating and writing, "I’m gonna fuck Eli Roth or die trying." On August 10th, 2019, she tweeted[4] a photo of herself in front of a whiteboard, writing, "having a very normal one today by explaining #QAnon to my coworkers bc of Epstein’s 'suicide'" garnering over 500 likes in four years (shown below).

meg "Surgeon" bitchell @MeganBitchell having a very normal one today by explaining #QAnon to my coworkers bc of Epstein's "suicide" have Q = you empre Emacs Paseo 9:53 AM - Aug 10, 2019 Teme God Y syst Island HRC etts Wide brains FA p Q=ga prayer Her Emade Pros Epston comet Trump God Commy Burst Island sty ... C CLAS Lide

Bitchell became increasingly well known for posting a mix of thirst trap content, comedic and political tweets endorsing leftist political points of view. On October 15th, she posted a photo of her breasts covered by lingerie to Twitter,[5] writing, "thot posting because AOC is endorsing Bernie," garnering over 1,500 likes in just over three years. On December 1st, she posted a video to Twitter[6] singing a purposefully bad parody of "The 12 Days of Christmas" titled "12 Days of Lizmas" about Senator Elizabeth Warren, garnering over 3,700 likes in just over three years (shown below).

On February 11th, 2020, the /r/meganbitchell subreddit was opened on Reddit.[7] It is largely used to share Bitchell's thirst traps and other content, the description reading, "A community for @MeganBitchell and collectively simping for the 32DDD Megan Bitchell." The community gained over 12,000 users by May 2023. She began posting content on TikTok @megitchell on March 13th, 2020 (popular video examples shown below).

@megitchell #pov ♬ original sound – meg bitchell

@megitchell #AITA ♬ original sound – meg bitchell

On May 15th, 2020, the Dallas Observer[8] published an article about Bitchell featuring an interview with her, describing her as part of the "dirtbag left" alongside podcasters like Cum Town. She also talks about her personal life, describing her dad as a "deadbeat" and talking about going to UNT for English rhetoric.

On April 23rd, 2021, Bitchell released the short film Roller Girl on YouTube,[13] starring herself as Roller Girl, garnering over 60,100 views in two years (shown below).

On October 15th, Bitchell tweeted,[9] "Crying thinking about how Drive is one of the greatest, most underrated films of our lifetimes and how it should have gotten more recognition (I’m 32DDD btw)" garnering over 10,000 likes in two years (shown below, left). On November 4th, she posted a tweet[10] that gained over 27,000 likes in the same rough span of time (shown below, right).

meg "Surgeon" bitchell @MeganBitchell ... Crying thinking about how Drive is one of the greatest, most underrated films of our lifetimes and how it should have gotten more recognition (I'm 32DDD btw) 1:46 PM - Oct 5, 2021 meg "Surgeon" bitchell @MeganBitchell Turning 22 tonight. Lets get this f----- party started! 9:14 AM - Nov 4, 2021 ...

On December 25th, 2021, she posted a tweet[11] that gained over 50,000 likes in just over a year. A year later on December 25th, 2022, she posted one of her Letterboxd reviews to Twitter,[12] gaining over 25,600 likes in five months (shown below).

meg "Surgeon" bitchell @MeganBitchell Megan Bitchell PRO Avatar: The Way of Water 2022 ★ AVATAR Rewatched Dec 25, 2022 15 minutes into the movie my mom leaned over to me and said "I do not remember anything from the first one" and then the fire alarms at the theater immediately went off 11:47 PM - Dec 25, 2022 673.7K Views ...

Small Penis Fall

Bitchell is the creator of the "Small Penis Fall," an annual meme holiday with a name satirizing the "Hot Girl Summer" trends. The phrase gained notoriety in 2021 after Bitchell's official Twitter[17] account, @MeganBitchell, posted a September 21st tweet reading, "It is officially small penis fall 🥳🥳🥳🥳" and earned over 7,200 likes and 530 retweets in seventeen months (seen below).

meg "Surgeon" bitchell @MeganBitchell it is officially small penis fall 11:22 PM Sep 21, 2021 538 Retweets 282 Quotes 7,269 Likes 63 Bookmarks

Small Penis Fall is often considered a wholesome internet holiday, containing generally favorable content directed towards those with penises below the average size. According to a report by InsideHook,[16] shortly after starting the trend, Bitchell reported an unintended consequence in which she received numerous DMs containing graphic imagery of genitalia.

Online Presence

Bitchell's content is occasionally reposted online. On November 7th, 2021, Instagram[14] user thicculus posted a thread of tweets from Bitchell that gained over 4,000 likes in just over a year (shown below, left). On October 13th, 2022, Instagram[15] user willrepostmemes posted her Letterboxd review for Smile, garnering over 2,500 likes in eight months (shown below, right).

meg "cecilia" bitchell @MeganBitchell I can't do anything right DinosaurFan1000 @djgaslight-12m whats your favorite dinosaur meg 92 13 2 meg "cecilia" bitchell @Megan... 1m ✓ iguanodon :) 91 23 DinosaurFan1000 @djgaslight Replying to @MeganBitchell Terrible f------ pick. Jesus christ. Megan Bitchell PRO Smile 2022 SMILE Watched Oct 7, 2022 During the movie I asked my friends if they wanted to hear my Austin Powers impression and then I just whispered in my normal voice "do I make you horny baby" because I realized I couldn't do the accent while also whispering

Cowboy, Samurai, or Pirate

Cowboy, Samurai, or Pirate is a trend where men are asked if, hypothetically, they'd rather be a cowboy, samurai, or pirate. The question, which is often framed as dating advice to get to know a man, is purported to reveal the man's "true personality." The trend and hypothetical were first popularized on TikTok in July 2023 by Megan Bitchell and became increasingly popular throughout the year, seeing a boost in interest that December.

If It Was Written By Joss Whedon

If It Was Written By Joss Whedon refers to a series of parodies imagining popular films if their screenplay was written by writer and director Joss Whedon. The parodies send up Whedon's penchant for self-referential humor and are generally an expression of distaste for the director. The meme was started by Megan Bitchell in May 2021.

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