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Poor Little Meow Meow is a slang term popular among fandoms, particularly on Tumblr, to sarcastically describe fictional characters with antihero and oftentimes violent characteristics. The nickname "Little Meow Meow" was initially applied to K-pop idol SUGA of BTS before being adopted by other fandoms.


"Little Meow Meow" was initially a nickname given to Suga (Min Yoongi) of BTS by fans due to how the fandom will commonly compare his looks to that of a cat.[1] It's unclear when this started. A definition for the term appeared on Urban Dictionary on June 2nd, 2018.[4] On August 16th, 2019, YouTuber Yrene posted a video of a BTS fan telling Suga about the nickname at a fan sign (shown below).

In 2020, Suga attracted controversy by including audio of Jonestown cult leader Jim Jones in his song "What Do You Think."[2] On May 31st, amidst the backlash from fans, Twitter user @DEMETERJIN posted an apology to Suga for apparently not defending him well enough, starting with the phrase "My poor little meow meow"[3] (shown below). The tweet was deleted.

석진 @DEMETERJIN my poor meow meow...my baby my little baby who hurt so much but treats people with nothing but kindness forgive me for not being able to do more.i tried my best i really did.. 5:19 PM May 31, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone


In the summer of 2021, the term began seeing use in fandoms to describe sad, morally grey characters. This appears to have spawned from an April 26th, 2021 tweet by user @brokebackstan[6] that read, "addicted to shows with sad little men with deep-rooted psychological issues and pathetic eyes……if a show gives me a character i can refer to as “my poor little meow meow” i’m hooked for life." The tweet gained over 500 retweets and 3,000 likes (shown below).

carey @brokebackstan ... addicted to shows with sad little men with deep-rooted psychological issues and pathetic eyes...if a show gives me a character i can refer to as "my poor little meow meow" i'm hooked for life 7:22 PM · Apr 26, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

From there, the term quickly started seeing use on Tumblr, as users there applied the term to various Tumblr Sexymen and outlined the definition to set it apart from similar terms like "smol bean" and "cinnamon roll." In June of that year, user torturelabyrinth[5] described "poor little meow meow" thusly over two posts:

The thing about a true poor little meow meow is they have to be 1) downtrodden 2) morally questionable at best 3) deeply and pathetically miserable
Some good examples: kendall roy, jin guangyao, loki but only in the first thor movie, dream from sandman, hellboy, robert pattinson the lighthouse, xiaojun, prince zuko, adam sandler uncut gems, ice king, squidward, jughead, ben linus, magneto, jack rackham black sails

On May 24th, Tumblr user captain-lovelace[8] posted an alignment chart that posed "Poor Little Meow Meow" against "stinky bastard man," gaining over 25,000 notes (shown below, left). On August 27th, Twitter user @foulharlequin[7] posted a checklist outlining what made a character a "Poor Little Meow Meow" (shown below, right).

I could fix him poor little stinky meow meow bastard man I could make him worse Is Your Character A Poor Little Meow Meow? inspired by the komaeda checklist, made by @foulharlequin on twt Mandatory Traits tragic backstory/trait that makes them sympathetic towards the audience mentally ill or can be interpreted as such is commonly incorrectly characterized to be weak and is "woobified" Miscellaneous Traits commonly seen as gay by the fandom or is canonically gay extremely insecure, overtly or otherwise cat-like/commonly associated with cats one of the more popular characters among the fanbase gender non-conforming to some degree depicted (canon or fanon) drastically taller/shorter than in canon

On October 6th, Watcher had Ryan Bergara of Buzzfeed Unsolved fame read a Tumblr post by chatterghosts calling him "little meow meow," much to his confusion, gaining over 950 retweets and 5,500 likes (shown below).

Various Examples

weaver-z Ildc if you think "poor little meow meow" is annoying, it's not the same as "cinnamon roll/smol bean" and you KNOW this. Cinnamon roll and smol bean were cutesy complimentary words used to mean "precious" or "adorable." When I call someone a poor little meow meow I am embodying the essence of a wealthy victorian widow lifting the chin of a shivering street urchin with her cane. 22,035 notes omg my poor little meow meow war criminal hes my girlfriend, bi but no one wants him i could make him worse manipulate mansplain malewife lara and 2 others liked mean lesbian stereotype @mi... · 21h "i can fix him" yeah well i can objectify him and call him my poor little meow .. meow 22 17 3,815 13K kaz and 3 others liked heda * was SQBACHKA @EM... · 2h my poor little meow meow ... 1 17 1 26 P5 ecial 1950 ペル。 my poor little meow meow HE'S KIND OF A, LIKE, TV TROPES WOULD CALL WHAT THE FUCK IS A "WOOBY ? HIM A "WO08Y? I GVESS THE MORE MODERN TERM IS, LIKE, A "POOR LITLE HEOW MEOW"? WHAT THE FUCK I1S A "POOR LITTLE MEOW MEOW"?

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