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Canceller Bot is a Twitter bot that automatically generates an image in which a "no" or "strikethrough" symbol is applied over a profile picture of a Twitter user, implying that the person has been cancelled. Created in September 2020, the bot achieved popularity in January 2021.


On September 7th, 2020, French developer @ohne_sonne, inspired by Twitter user @goelisette, launched Canceller Bot (CancellerBot) on Twitter. [1] The account, a joke bot, applies a crossed-out circle sign to a Twitter user's profile picture, "cancelling" them.

On the same day, @ohne_sonne tested the bot on @goelisette, with the bot posting its first tweet[2] (shown below).


Upon being summoned, Canceller Bot generates a new image based on a profile picture of the requested Twitter user. A "no symbol" is then applied over the original image, which jokingly implies that the person is cancelled. The post is accompanied by a randomized caption in French announcing that the person has been cancelled.

On February 3rd, 2021, the bot account posted[3] a Q&A for the bot (shown below).


On February 2nd, 2021, Twitter user @wakeupJags used the bot to "cancel" Indian film actress Kangana Ranaut who spoke against the 2020-2021 Indian farmers' protest. The post received nearly 1,000 likes in roughly one month (shown below).

In January and February 2021, the account gained significant popularity among K-pop stans on Twitter who used it to "cancel" those expressing negative opinions about K-pop-related matters (examples shown below).


As of March 8th, 2021, six months since it was activated, the account accumulated over 12,100 followers.

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  • >"Cancel Culture is a myth created by the Alt-Right"

Jesus Christ, they made a Robot Poochyena.

Although, on a more serious note, of course Twitter morons don't think cancel culture is a thing. They live in it and perpetuate it, they're far too used to it to perceive it as anything abnormal. And if you ask me that's just the tip of the iceberg as to what's wrong with a rather vocal portion of that website's userbase, but in all honesty, a KYM comment section is probably the worst place to go into extensive detail about every problem Twitter has. The fact that MAPs are also just the tip of the iceberg is a further testament to how colossally screwed that website is.


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