SpongeBob Comparison Charts

SpongeBob Comparison Charts

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Spongebob Comparison Charts are a series of visual catalogs featuring stillshots of scenes from Nickelodeon's animated TV series Spongebob Squarepants that are presented as exemplification of various media franchises or characters within a fictional universe.


On June 24th, 2016, Twitter user @FuckCrunchyroll[1] shared a SpongeBob Squarepants-themed chart drawing comparisons between a selection of eight manga and anime series, including Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Boku No Pico, and various scenes from the Nickelodeon series (shown below). Within the first week, the image had been retweeted more than 2,300 times and liked over 2,600 times.

Bob Esponja Parasyte Tokyo Ghoul Evangelion My Hero Academia Love Live! Jojo's Watamote Boku No Pico


On June 25th, the image was reposted on FunnyJunk by user santyalc,[2] which prompted additional iterations of SpongeBob comparison charts based on a variety of anime series from the users, including Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill and Berserk. Within a week, the image received over 1,100 upvotes, 39,000 views, and 175 comments, while the suggestions from the comments section were compiled into a new collage and submitted on next day by FunnyJunk user Tafixados, garnering over 425 upvotes and 26,000 views in less than a week, and once again, triggering an influx of additional versions from other users in the comments section.

Spongebob Parasyte Tokyo Choul Shingeki no Hyoujin Battle Tendeney Evangelion Bku no Hero Academia Love Live! Death Note Kill la Kill Hajime no lppo EN lojo's Bizzare Adventure Clannad: After story Spaee Patrol Luluco Watamete Boku no Pice Monogatari Akira Girls und Panzer Berserk Hitman Hataraku Maou-sama! Panty &Stoeking Bible Black Serial Experiments Lain Shounen HollywoodDragon Ball Z Fairy tail Noblesse

On June 26th, Tumblr[5] user eternal-faktorie shared an Overwatch-themed comparison chart, accruing more than 40,000 notes in the following week.

McCree Bastion Roadhog Widowmaker Tracer Lucio Pharah Torbjorn Mercy

On June 28th, Imgur[4] user goldpikmin shared another compilation of anime-themed comparison charts featuring scenes from SpongeBob Squarepants, drawing more than 1,750 points and 27,500 views within a week. On July 1st, a single topic Twitter account[6] dedicated to highlighting notable instances of the meme was launched.

Various Examples

During the last week of June, more than 100 unique variations of SpongeBob comparison charts centered around popular media franchises entered circulation across Imgur, Twitter and Tumblr, as well as a number of derivatives drawing similar comparisons using scenes from other cartoons and fictional universes.

EarthBound Kirby Luigi's Mansion Donkey Kong Bayonetta Splatoon Starfox Team Fortress 2 Undertale Shovel Knight Dark Souls Super Mario Slipknot Slaye Metallica Rage Against The Machine Korn Marilyn Manson Five Finger Death Punch Kid Rock Limp Bizkit HE N HP Fallout 3 Payday 2 God of War Left 4 Dead Metal Gear Rising Bubsy the Bobcat 心。 Yandere Simulator Katamari Damacy Team Fortress 2 Ed, Edd n Eddy Akira Attack on Titan Boku no Pico Dragon Ball Kill La Kill Panty & Stocking Parasite Space Patrol Luluco The Boss The Pain The Fear EN The End The Sorrow The Fury Phantom 3lood Battle Tendencg Stardust Crusaders Diamond is Unbreakable Vento AureoSTONE oCEANSteel Ball Run ojolion Es.

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