Xavier: Renegade Angel

Xavier: Renegade Angel

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Xavier: Renegade Angel was a CGI surrealist dark comedy series on Adult Swim produced by Wonder Showzen creators John Lee, Vernon Chatman, Jim Tozzi and Alyson Levy. The series centers around the absurdist adventures of the protagonist Xavier, a humanoid shaman with a bird beak nose and a sentient snake arm who embarks on various psychedelic, spiritual journeys.


On November 4th, 2007, Xavier: Renegade Angel premiered on Adult Swim, with the first episode titled "What Life D-D-Doth" (shown below). The show aired for two seasons, releasing a total of 20 episodes before ending on April 16th, 2009.


On December 3rd, 2011, a page for the series was created on TV Tropes.[8] On September 8th, 2012, the /r/XavierRenegadeAngel[2] subreddit was created for discussions about the animated television series. In October 2016, a Change.org[1] petition was created to "Make Fox Broadcasting Air Xavier Renegade Angel Sunday Nights After NFL Football" (shown below).

Petitioning Rupert Murdoch Make Fox Broadcasting Air Xavier Renegade Angel Sunday Nights After NFL Football Adult Swim United States Sign this petition 239 supporters 261 needed to reach 500 First name Last name Email United States We believe Xavier Renegade Angel should air immediately following NFL Football every Sunday on Fox as a metaphysical sorbet following eight hours of grown men pummeling each other for cash 11249 I'm signing because optional)

On May 22nd, Redditor BeauBWan submitted a photograph of a cosplayer dressed as Xavier to /r/adultswim (shown below).

On 4chan

In August 2017, threads about the television show were frequently submitted to various 4chan boards, including /v/,[4] /tv/,[6] /tg/[5] and /co/.[7] On August 8th, an 4chan user uploaded a photoshopped Virgin Walk comic comparing the show Rick and Morty to Xavier: Renegade Angel to /co/ (shown below).[3]

the virgin cartoon THE CHAD COMPOSITION Completely unpredictable Derivative, noodle- limbed artstyle, reeks of CalArts peers Main character defeats challenges through mind blowing philosophical insights. Style so avant-garde it makes normies and art thots implode Uses depression as a cheap excuse for forced drama Uses juvenile nihilism as an excuse for lack of effort Extremely quotable and memorable dialogue Destroys the fabric of reality in every episode Too afraid to completely step outside of it's status Forgettable and trendy memefest Multiple viewings are obligatory to try and comprehend it. quio Flanderization Formulaic predictability becomes even more noticeable on rewatches Poses questions to challenge the fabric of human nature TH PAIN It's actually funny Forces memes all the time. Overstays it's welcome "We gotta *burp ..we-we- we gotta go to space Morty" Explores dozens of different themes every episode without spoonfeeding you anything Lasts exactly for as long a it needs to Gradually lost momentum and will only get worse as it continues "lmao everyone is dumb but me wake up sheeple Leaves a profound mark in it's viewers despite short length Profound characterizations Fanbase full of edgy manchildren who feel persecuted. Only true patricians can appreciate it Genuinely educating in it's subject matter,

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