Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks

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“Too Many Cooks” is an 11-minute parody of opening themes from various 1980s TV family sitcoms produced by and aired on Adult Swim in late October 2014. Upon its YouTube debut in early November, the video became an instant viral hit and received critical acclaims for its experimental comedy value and absurdist aesthetics.


The video was created by Casper Kelly, an Adult Swim producer who works on the network’s show “Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell”. He pitched the idea to current Squidbillies writer-producer Jim Fortier, who then sent it to Adult Swim executive Mike Lazzo, who loved the idea. Kelly shot the original footage in the course of 72 hours in late October 2013, the entire cast being composed of extras from the Atlanta area. According to extra Katie Adkins, the cast were not presented with a clearly explained script, but rather coached on the go, in a somewhat nonchalant manner.[23] Over the following year, Kelly worked on editing the video, with some help from friends and co-workers.

The final cut eventually premiered at 4 a.m. (EST) on October 31st, 2014 as part of Adult Swim’s “Infomercials” series. A week later, on November 7th, the clip was uploaded to the network’s official YouTube channel, garnering over 320,000 views and 7,000 likes within the first 24 hours. It currently holds over 8,000,000 views, making it the 2nd most watched video on the Adult Swim YouTube channel.


On the day of its online premiere, discussions about the video virtually took over all major social media platforms, with the video’s title “Too Many Cooks” becoming trending keywords on Twitter[14], Google, Tumblr[15] and Facebook.[16]

News Media Coverage

The video was subsequently declared as a must-watch item of the day by a wide spectrum of viral media news outlets in the blogosphere, including BuzzFeed[10], Gawker[8], IGN[6] and Mashable[9], as well as U.S. entertainment news sites, including E! Online[11], Hollywood Reporter[12], Entertainment Weekly[11] and Rolling Stones.[4] Soon, many of the aforementioned publications ran follow-up interviews with the creator of the video, Casper Kelly.


In the following days, several entertainment news sites and major U.S. news outlets began running op-ed articles in analyzing the possible ingredients of the video's viral success overnight, such as the Washington Free Beacon's "What ‘Too Many Cooks’ Tells Us About 2016 and the Resiliency of the Patriarchy (GIFs),"[19] The Guardian's " Can You Spot All the References to Other TV Shows?,"[22] The New Yorker's "Looking for Meaning in “Too Many Cooks,”[20] The Washington Post's "Too Many Cooks’: What you’re in for with the viral video of the week"[21] and Vanity Fair's "This Insane “Too Many Cooks” Flow Chart Just Might Blow Your Mind,"[18] which featured artist John Hogan's two free thought-association flowcharts based on his own viewing experience of the original video.

Covers and Parodies

On November 11th, YouTuber Rush Coil released an 8-bit NES chiptune remix of the theme song. On November 12th, YouTube comedy troupe Tough Pigs uploaded the first known parody of the video starring the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Later that same day, The Pet Collective released a similar parody of the video featuring kittens. In March of 2015, CNN released a parody of the video joking about the number of candidates for the 2015 presidential election. (shown below, from top left, clockwise).

Search Interest

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Its a good video. Its a rather popular video.
But its like less than a week old, doesnt have the same crazy Viral number like say Gangam Style or Friday, it has no memes attached to it, no real fandom based around it. No fan art, no cosplay, no videos.

It has nothing but its one weird funny video.

Why does it have its own page?


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