Alan Resnick

Alan Resnick

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Alan Resnick is a Baltimore-based comedian and psychological horror writer, most well-known for his Adult Swim short films such as This House Has People In It, Unedited Footage of a Bear, and others. He has also created a popular YouTube series titled alantutorial, a strange, humorous, and disturbing tutorial-style video series seen through the eyes of a childlike man.


Alan is based in Baltimore, Maryland, where he formed the comedy group, Wham City Comedy[1], with other several other performers. The group formed a touring comedy show called Wham City Comedy, which performed nationwide; In 2012, a skit Resnick had created for the tour, Live Forever As You Are Now With Alan Resnick was seen by an executive for Comedy Central, who asked him to adapt it as an informercial to be seen at 4 am.[8] The resulting video, which was meant to be a parody of a TED talk, was later uploaded onto the Adult Swim YouTube channel where it received half a million views, and 6000 likes.

In the video, Resnick plays a young technical whiz, who has created an application to build an AI around your personality. Despite seeming unintelligent, the AI (who looks like Alan but has renamed itself Teddy), has created his own wife, a tan colored ball. The video gained half a million views, and has a 6.7/10 average rating on IMDB.[2]

Unedited Footage of a Bear

Unedited Footage of a Bear is the 2nd Adult Swim short made by Resnick. The video starts with an 11 second clip of a bear in the wilderness. After the clip, the second portion of the clip begins, pretending to be an ad for the fake over the counter medicine, Claridryl. The ad features a single mother, who is brutally assaulted by an abusive duplicate of herself. This duplicate then takes over the woman's household, and physically and mentally attacks her children. The video gained 2 million views, and 15,000 likes. Adult Swim also created a parody web site for Claridryl, in which people could view the rooms of the house in the video. [3]

6 months after the video, the account Night Mind made an in depth video explaining everything around the site and the video itself, revealing deeper meanings. The video got over 35,000 views, with 1400 likes.

This House Has People In It

This House Has People In It is the third short created by Alan Resnick for Adult Swim. The video revolves around what seems to be a regular household, at first. However, the stepdaughter of the wife begins to sink into the ground, and a mysterious disease named Lynk's Disease is heavily repeated throughout. The video was followed by an ARG, and a mysterious site titled AB Surveillance Solutions. A group of Alan Resnick fans created a document in which they were able to access the log-in portion of the site, and view further videos and emails surrounding the household [5] . The video gained a quarter of a million views in the first week, and 4000 likes.


Alantutorial[7] is a psychological drama YouTube series about the experience of an extremely child-like man who frequently makes confusing tutorial videos, first created in June of 2011. As the videos continue to be released, it appears that the man has been disowned by his caregivers; he's locked out on the roof in one video, and in another his room is filled with junk. He then begins to create tutorials about surviving in the wilderness. The video series becomes even darker when it appears he has been kidnapped, and forced to create tutorial videos (and news videos, for a while) for his captors. After a few months, the room he is held in becomes incredibly dirty and filled with dozens of urine bottles. In the final video in the channel, released in December of 2014, Alan is seen clawing out part of the wall and escaping.

The channel gained heavy interest after being linked by popular sites such as Cracked and CollegeHumor [6] following his "How to Crush a Can with Slats of Wood" video. The video has over 1,500,000 views, and 30,000 likes.
The channel Night Mind created a video explaining the Alantutorial series, gaining just under 100,000 views, and 2000 likes.

Online Presence

Alan Resnick maintains a web site with links to many of his other projects at] He has almost 5,000 followers on Twitter and 2,100 on Instagram.[11][12]

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So after finding out about Alan Resnick from watching "This house has people in it." I am completely interested in the genre he does but I can't watch the Night Mind explanation videos because my house ISP is limited by terrible bandwidth.


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