Suspiciously Wealthy Furry (수상할 정도로 돈이 많은 퍼리)

Suspiciously Wealthy Furry (수상할 정도로 돈이 많은 퍼리)

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Suspiciously Wealthy Furry refers to a character created by Twitter artist Kastry in a joke about how "art is always controlled by wealthy people," implying that the "wealthy furry's" avid commissions of fan art help keep the art industry afloat. After the character was posted, it inspired a significant amount of fan art itself.


On March 6th, 2020, Twitter[1] user @Kastry_ posted a comic he made detailing how "the wealthy" control the arts, with the punchline character being "Suspiciously wealthy furry" (shown below). In the post, Kastry_ noted how the original was in Spanish but was translated to English.

Art is always controlled by wealthy people Suspiciously wealthy furries Eccentric Millionaires Monarchs


The character began growing more popular in fan art the following year. On January 19th, 2021, Korean artist ℍ𝟙𝕃𝔻𝔸𝕃𝟛𝟛 posted fan art to Twitter[2] of the furry character with the notes "수상할 정도로 돈이 많은 퍼리," which translates to "Suspiciously rich furry" (shown below).

The post proved popular and sparked a wave of fan art of the character among other Korean Twitter artists, including @C4FL0603[3] (shown below, left) and @Rifumi0510[4] (shown below, right).

수상할 정도로 돈 이 많은 퍼리 :예술은 언제나 부유한 그들이 털었다 상위 퍼 카드 소매넣기 하는 퍼지 Black ARD 위대한 예술 도둑 수상한 시트지

Various Examples

600 달러 드릴게요. @parnyph 수상할 정도로 돈 이 많은 퍼리

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External References

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[4] Twitter – Rifumi0510

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Spaztastic Man
Spaztastic Man

Real talk, being an in-person furry is like an upper-middle class investment at least. Considering a good custom fursuit will run you about 500 to 600 at least. Then the conventions themselves with the hotel room fees, registration fees, and airline costs, will run you back hundreds to thousands depending on where and how many you want to go to. That's a fuckin dedicated commitment, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the people who control the art do so through like a secret 1%er's only furry-con.


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