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The Belle Delphine Effect

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The Belle Delphine Effect refers to the perceived effects and consequences on women and men of e-girl Belle Delphine's prevalence online. Believers of the Belle Delphine effect tend to hypothesize that Delphine normalized e-girl makeup and the ahegao face, inspiring women to copy her looks, personality and style to attract a following. Some also believe Delphine inspired e-girls to present themselves as young girls to attract men, possibly helping normalize ageplay and pedophilia. Regarding men, the Belle Delphine effect has been suggested to have encouraged incel behavior and normalized parasocial relationships between men and sex workers through subscription-based sites like OnlyFans. The effect was first perceived online in July 2019 after Delphine's Gamer Girl Bath Water was announced. E-girl Waifu Mia is often cited as a top example of the Belle Delphine effect.


Belle Delphine is one of the most well-known and prominent e-girls online. She is known for her cosplay content, often dressing as anime or video game characters, and for her young look, achieved through makeup, her generally small stature and braces. She has previously spoken about her interest in the daddy-dom fetish, although says she isn't into the "deep end" of the fetish.[8] She is considered influential in the e-girl space and has inspired numerous copycats over the years.

The earliest known post referring to the "Belle Delphine effect" is a YouTube[1] video posted by Thinking-Ape on July 7th, 2019. In the video, he responds to Delphine selling Gamer Girl Bath Water and explores why so many men are so willing to support what he calls "feminine asset entrepreneurs," suggesting that sending money to women like Delphine fosters a perceived artificial romantic connection between the creator and the viewer. The video gained over 16,400 views in four years (shown below).

On July 12th, 2019, a Redditor made a post to /r/unpopularopinion[9] titled "The Belle Delphine Effect" discussing her Gamer Girl Bath Water, writing:

We can all agree that belle Delphine is kinda a genius, she found a niche market and has finessed us all,.

However it’s a sad reality that people are buying these very strange fetish items, it kinda makes me ashamed to be Male.

My problem is this will clearly have an effect on e thots and Influencers, I’m literally waiting for a new girl to dress up like Nami from one piece and cover her nipples on tape and start selling toe nails and salvia.

The future doesn’t look to bright, this will clearly inspire others to copy and sell more gross items, lemme cop some of that Tana mongeau fanny fart in a bottle £50


The idea of the Belle Delphine effect spread across social media over the following years. On June 8th, 2020, Twitter[2] user @lllucas320 posted a screenshot of e-girl skyimhi with e-girl makeup and smiling, showing off her braces, comparing her to Delphine by writing, "the 'belle delphine effect' I don't know why these girls are still doing this dumbass face on their selfies" (shown below).

ルーカス @lllucas320 the "belle delphine effect" I don't know why these girls are still doing this dumbass face on their selfies skyimmmm Follow 12:59 AM - Jun 8, 2020 300

On March 5th, 2021, Collective Shout[10] published an article titled, "Belle Delphine: Product of a culture that eroticises children and monetises their sexualisation." In the article, they discuss Delphine's looks and claim she is normalizing the sexualization of children by, in their perception, acting and looking like a child, specifically mentioning her braces and clothing.

On August 29th, 2022, TikToker[3] @bongwaternballs posted a selfie video where she denounces the Belle Delphine effect, claiming Delphine created a generation of women who "infantilize" themselves for men, garnering over 360,000 views in six months (shown below).


going back to my roots and posting my silly little takes

♬ conceited bass boosted – ¡PHILIP!

On December 7th, 2022, Twitter[4] user @yaaburnightmare posted a video of Waifu Mia, who many claims looks like Delphine, writing, "i am a feminist against the belle delphine effect. i hate belle delphine and the pedophiles that obsess over her and the girlies who copy her!" garnering around 20 likes in two months. On December 30th, TikToker[5] @ghostgirl177 duetted the same video, writing, "the Belle Delphine effect scares me," garnering over 150,000 views in two months (shown below).

@ghostgirl177 #duet with @itsmiawaifu of course her username name has waifu in it 🥴 #foryou #belledelphineeffect #belledelphinelookalike #infantilizationofwomen #thisisweird #feministiktok #feminism ♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 景井 ひな

On February 1st, 2023, Twitter[6] user @BobLeEpicDerpXD retweeted a post of two e-girls posing, one with green hair who some commenters accused of being a child due to her height, although she claims to be 22. The user writes, "anyone who agrees with this take look me in the eyes and explain how this isn’t a symptom of the belle delphine effect," garnering over 850 likes in a month (shown below). They elaborate in a comment, "it’s not the fact that she’s a short woman nobody ever says that shit it’s irrelevant it’s the fact that she’s deliberately making herself look like a child in the face ffs."

On February 3rd, Twitter[7] user @TheHorrorOf97 pushed back against the idea of the Belle Delphine effect, writing, "there is no belle delphine effect, and belle was not the first to ever act that way. She just had a very active fan base (gamers) […] Childish fem isn’t new."

Hulkgoop @HGoopiest 10h Literally child p*rn. Why is no one reporting this post? yuki @ywuukii. 13h the psychic sisters say hiiii Show this thread 4 . 27 3 ₁3,079 JEFT RhinoHorn7 @ItsRhinoHorn77. 12h Replying to @ywuukii and @rowsvee is that a child on the right? 오고 rows @rowsvee 11h They are 22 as stated in their bio 1 [] ₁2,901 15 ₁3,191 SneKK @Kllrijaz. 7h Replying to @rowsvee @ItsRhinoHorn77 and @ywuukii People always thinking about kids when they look at short women or men 91 [] 5 ₁397 RhinoHorn7 @ItsRhinoHorn77 .7h Replying to @Kllrijaz @rowsvee and @ywuukii look at her face and tell me that does not look like a child 91 7 ₁343 emily @BobLeEpicDerpXD - Feb 1 anyone who agrees with this take look me in the eyes and explain how this isn't a symptom of the belle delphine effect Dragon @Alabyctor - Jan 31 276 emily I feel bad for short people Show this thread 1 205 853 412.6K ↑ @BobLeEpicDerpXD it's not the fact that she's a short woman nobody ever says that shit it's irrelevant it's the fact that she's deliberately making herself look like a child in the face ffs

Various Examples

wa;da @yxng_senpai the belle delphine effect like she's too pretty to be acting this way II 0:04 3,349 views TikTok 11:34 AM - Dec 27, 2022 8,731 Views Tik Tok @miawalifuxo ▶0:10 975 views nissa @vampfilia the belle delphine and pink razer egirl effect LJA @crotchner - Oct 18, 2022 this makeup style is the female equivalent of a fedora to me idc Show this thread F! 4:16 PM Oct 19, 2022 Sent> [underscore] 93 @SenSen_93 "Belle Delphine effect" So adult women aren't allowed to look young because they look after themselves? AnimeTV Are you perhaps a dumbass? emily @BobLeEpic DerpXD - Feb 1 anyone who agrees with this take look me in the eyes and explain how this isn't a symptom of the belle delphine effect Show this thread 6:29 AM - Feb 2, 2023-547 Views joseph @SpaceCowboy9000 people who look and act specifically like this need to be locked up and have the key melted in an acidic solution. the belle delphine effect. horrific evil individuals. wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss - Nov 20, 2022 me after leaving a little camera in his room to watch him b34t his m34t<3 CODE 10:26 PM - Nov 21, 2022 8283 929 *** sammy @wtftoshi the belle delphine effect was absolutely devastating to our society neekolul... → @neekolul - Jan 9 e-gworl doing e-gworl things Yer 2:54 PM - Jan 13, 2023 633 Views ⠀ Alice (bat/bats/batself) @TheHorrorOf97 Hot take: there is no belle delphine effect, and belle was not the first to ever act that way. She just had a very active fan base (gamers). These same prudes would cry about the Melanie Martinez effect or the lana del ray effect If they were older. Childish fem isn't new. 6:07 AM Feb 3, 2023 649 Views ...

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