This... Has Turned Into a Difficult Situation

This... Has Turned Into a Difficult Situation

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This… Has Turned Into a Difficult Situation refers to a popular scene from a video by virtual YouTube character Ai Kizuna used as a reaction image to respond to difficult or uncomfortable situations in anime-related comunities.


On November 29th, 2016 the YouTube channel A.I.Channel uploaded a video about the creation of a Twitter account for their character. At the moment of selecting a handle, Kizuna notices that any of her tries of picking a username are unsuccessful thanks to it being used already. The character responds with the phrase "This… Has turned into a difficult situation" (shown below).

On April 9th, 2017, Tumblr user justintaco[1] posted a screenshot of the scene to the platform where it gained 13,000 notes in the coming years.

This has turned into a difficult situation


While this format saw some usage during 2017, it started to gain popularity in late 2018 in /r/Animemes and other subreddits. On October 10th, the user Bence830[2] uploaded a version showing a scene from the hentai "MC High Eighth Period" where one of the characters exclaims on how "when a man dies their cocks get the hardest" gaining 3,600 upvotes (shown below left). Days later, the user xKiro27[3] posted one image showing a scene from the anime Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai where the character Suzuka Nagami asks her brother what is Ahegao, managing to get 3,900 upvotes (shown below center). On December 8th, an image showing the reaction to a Zombie Land Saga Yuri comic by the artist yu_ng_km[4] was uploaded to the subreddit by the user Mini_Knight[5] (shown below, right) getting 3,000 upvotes in the coming days.

SAY, DID you KNOW? WHEN HIS DIES, C--- GETS THE HARD EST IT CAN. This.. has turned into a difficult situation. Onii-chan, what's an "ahegao? This has turned into a difficult situation. If you re k fine with it, try r put it in a more... 're a Fine. it can't be helped fine WI AH! 08 I pulled too hard!! What the ell!? It broke off! What the"レ Hell 17 *Beware of Fingers breaking off during Zombie lesbian sex This. has turned into a difficult situation.

Various Examples

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