This Is Ultra Lord

This Is Ultra Lord

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This is Ultra Lord is an exploitable two-template image of the characters Sheen and Mrs. Fowl from the Nickelodeon animated series, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. In the exploitables, Sheen shows the fictional character Ultra Lord at show-and-tell, to which Mrs. Fowl says "This is the seventh week in a row you've shown Ultra Lord in class." The exploitable is used as object labeling meme, with Sheen labeled as a group or object that is attempting to make something popular.


In the film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, released December 9th, 2001, Sheen shows his friends Ultra Lord for show and tell, to which Mrs. Fowl says "This is the seventh week in a row you've shown Ultra Lord in class" (shown below).


A two-frame image macro of the scene began spreading on Reddit in 2014. On January 10th, 2014,[1] an /r/funny user, since deleted, posted the image with the title, "How I see the Re-posts on Reddit," gaining over 2,500 likes (shown below, left). On February 15th,[2] a user posted a Charlie Sheen edit in the 4chan board /tg/ (shown below, right).

tamypest 7ale photso ULLRA ORL 8. stration This is ULTRA LORD!!! nickelodeonkids CHEALTH DIET Sheen... this is fhe 7th week in a row youve shown Ultra Lord in class. la tamy phon ateation This is COCAINE!!! CHEALTHY DIET Sheen.. this is the 7th week in a row youve shown COCAINE in class TheMainMane Tumblr

Over the following several years, the meme developed to mock groups that repeatedly made identical claims or presented the same object. For example, on November 14th, 2017, Tumblr user rando-calrissian[3] posted an edit poking fun at how the Sonic the Hedgehog series always included "Green Hill Zone" in its games, gaining over 11,000 notes (shown below, left). On March 1st, 2019, Twitter user @BeefBronson poked fun at the Twitter for Android meme, gaining over 70 retweets and 1,200 likes (shown below, right).

pha GREEN. HILL This is SONIC TEAS thisIsithe th weekin a row youve shown GREENin class tamy pho Rle 8.c esteation This is Twitter for android HEALTHT DIET Jack this is the 7th week in a row you ve shown Twitter for android in class.

Various Examples

Staff Thisis my new meme! Staff.. this is the 7th week in a row you've shown this meme on the frontpage tamyargt Oration Thisis Cheog! HEALTH DIET wa, SERVINGS DONT FORGET TO BRUSH Yvov TEETH APTER MEALSS Tchernobogthisisfheseventh week in a- TOwyouve shown Cheog in class. 8. Cl my new meme!! DIBT the th weekinarow youve shown a new Wojak meme in class
This is-ULTRA LORD!I! Sheenhis the 7th week in a row you've Shown Ultra Lord in class What the f--- did you say about me you elderly f---? im suprized you can remember 5 minutes backe but here you are lecturing me about how i've shared ame foeking t hing Weeks in a r ixed your f------ no maby if you f se and started actually te ching this f------ class i might have something important for show and tell, you raging c--- 3501359 851185185 853 854 03 1003 854 135 This is...DOLPHIN! Harold (thistis the 7thweek in a row you ve shown us dolphins in class CARTOON NETWORK This,IS Teen Titans Go! this.Isithe 7th weekinarow youve shown in class Teen Titans Go!


This. is ULTRA LORD!!! Sheen...this is the 7th week in a row youve shown Ultra Lord in class

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