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Trigger the Libs

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Trigger the Libs is a phrase used by some conservatives and the Alt-right with regards to actions taken specifically to upset, or trigger, liberals. The phrase has been used sarcastically by the left to make fun of right-wingers who use the phrase when they do something silly and debasing in the hopes of making a political point. It can be expressed in various permutations such as "owning the libs," "owning snowflakes," etc.


While the concept of "triggering" had long been used as a way to mock the left on the right, the phrase "trigger the libs" began seeing use during the 2016 United States Presidential Election. The earliest use of the phrase "Trigger the libs" on Twitter was posted on July 31st, 2016 by user @S55N007[1] remarking on an outfit worn by Hillary Clinton (shown below).

Eve @S55N007 Follow not sure what to call it. Not a jacket, shirt or blouse. A Jaouse? Shirket? Blacket? (last 1 may trigger the libs, scratch it) 5:38 PM-31 Jul 2016


Over the following year and through the course of the Donald Trump administration, the phrase has been used by Trump supporters. It is particularly common on /r/The_Donald in threads where people post pictures in the effort to upset liberals (examples shown below).

Lets go triggering, its so good for you. Lets go Triggering! Trigger the libs of blue ( submitted 1 month ago by LeuyHong 8 comments share save hlde glve gold deport crosspost 226 Menta/ Oisorders ers Quick! Post something that will "Trigger" the Libs! (imgs.fyl) submitted 1 month ago by Genericlnsult 3 comments share save hide glve gold deport crosspost 25

The phrase and practice of doing certain things to "trigger the libs" became a way for leftists and liberals to mock Trump supporters. For example, after it was revealed that Trump ordered a well-done steak with ketchup at a restaurant in February,[2] people on the left mocked his steak preference. This led to some on the right, notably Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson, [3] to argue that eating steak well-done was the manliest way to eat steak (shown below).

-, Paul Joseph Watson Follow @PrisonPlanet Only men with testosterone deficiencies order their steak anything less than burnt to a crisp. 5:45 PM - 27 Feb 2017

The following day, Matt Bors[4] of The Nib posted a comic mocking the uptick in support of well done steaks done to "trigger the libs" in a comic (shown below).


Watson has been a particular target of mockery for liberals, as he's pulled several self-debasing pranks in an effort to prove a point to liberals, including faking he had pica eating disorder, a disorder in which one eats paper,[5] and drinking milk and eating sushi and doing the OK Symbol. [6]

Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet Follow I'm eating Asian food, drinking milk, not looking you in the eye AND doing the OK sign. TRIGGERING INTENSIFIES.

Turning Point USA Diaper Protest

On October 18th, 2017, members of the conservative site and movement Turning Point USA dressed in diapers and acted like babies at Kent State University to mock safe spaces. The moment was roundly mocked online for how the protestors debased themselves in an attempt to "own the libs" (examples shown below).

Churlish @Cryptoterra Follow I can't believe "Putting on a diaper to own snowflakes" just willed itself into existence TPUSA at Kent State @TPUSAatKent Safe spaces are for children. 1:11 PM-19 Oct 2017 Clu Gabagulagher @jimpjorps Following owning the libs by wearing diapers in public Liberty Hangout @Liberty Hangout Shout out to @TPUSAatKent and @KSU_YAL for showing us what safe spaces look like to the average person 12:42 PM-19 Oct 2017

Eating Papa John's to Trigger the Libs

Following pizza chain Papa John's claim that the NFL's #TakeAKnee protests were hurting sales, the chain was embraced by conservatives and neo-nazis, which Papa John's later denounced. Still, the chain made fans of members of the alt-right, notably Jack Posobiec,[7] who on November 4th, 2017, tweeted an image of Papa John's pizzas he'd ordered for the rehearsal dinner at his wedding (shown below).

Jack Posobiec @JackPosobied Rehearsal dinner with Papa Johns! PIZZA

This led to jokes that Posobiec was willing to serve his wedding guests what some consider bad pizza in an effort to trigger the libs (examples shown below).

Mike Cuckovich @realTomBloke Follow Jack Posobiec found the ultimate way to trigger the libs: by ruining his own wedding Jack Posobiec $ @JackP...-1 d Jack Posobiec Days off are for soy I had no idea the alt-left would be s mentally threatened by this post lol Jack Posobiec垕* @JackPos.., Rehearsal dinner with Papa Johns Adorable Deplora Svar til @JackPos So you are tweeti trolling Chuck To wedding day? Jack Posobiec I regret nothing Paul Joseph Watso Svar til JackPosob Congrats Jack, but l about tweeting mor thousands of verifie already in therapy 195 t 282 1492 020 134 11.32 AM- 6 Noy 2017 SlaterCorp @DudeSlater Following Ways conservatives are self-owning to trigger the libs ranked: 3. Lying in a dumpster 2. Wearing a diaper 1. Pretending to like Papa John's 6:31 PM -1 Nov 2017

Drinking Toilet Water to Own the Libs

On July 1st, 2019, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a tweet while visiting the detention facilities at the U.S.-Mexico Border claiming she saw people "drinking out of toilets."[7] In response to the claims Ocasio-Cortez made in her tweets, Border Patrol officer Roy Villareal posted a video attempting to prove the congresswoman's claims wrong. While addressing the "drinking out of toilets" claim, he said "aliens have options," pointing to a water cooler and a combination toilet/sink. He claimed the sink portion of the toilet/sink had clean water, and to prove it, he took a drink from the sink attached to the toilet (shown below).

On July 4th, Infowars[8] wrote about the video with the headline "BORDER PATROL AGENT DRINKS FROM TOILET TO DEBUNK AOC." Twitter user @JackClayton617[9] tweeted a link to the article with the headline and the hashtags "#BorderPatrol" and "#AOCResign" (shown below).

Jack Clayton @JackClayton617 Follow Border Patrol Agent Drinks from Toilet to Debunk AOC #BorderPatrol #AOCResign AL 11:30 PM 8 Jul 2019

In response to Clayton's tweet, Twitter users made jokes similar to ones made when conservatives have debased themselves in order to prove a point to liberals. For example, Twitter user @MatthewCherry[10] tweeted simply "Drinking toilet water to own the libs," gaining over 90 retweets and 500 likes (shown below, left). User @MrBrandonStroud[11] sarcastically tweeted, "yes, everyone who hates liberals please chug toilet water all day, it makes us so mad," gaining over 60 retweets and 220 likes (shown below, right).

Matthew A. Cherry Follow @MatthewACherry Drinking toilet water to own the libs Jack Clayton @JackClayton617 Border Patrol Agent Drinks from Toilet to Debunk AOc #BorderPatrol #AOCResign 5:02 PM -9 Jul 2019 Brandon Stroud Following @MrBrandonStroud yes, everyone who hates liberals please chug toilet water all day, it makes us so mad Jack Clayton @JackClayton617 Border Patrol Agent Drinks from Toilet to Debunk AOC #BorderPatrol #AOCResign 5:18 PM -9 Jul 2019

Various Examples

Donny Bahama @hooooboy Follow Bought all of this to trigger the libs. TRADE JOE 'S o WINTER PASTA TRADER JOE'S WINTER SNOWFLAKE SNOWFLAKE PASTA MACARONI PRODUCT MACARONA PRODUCT RみD NET WT 14 OZ (397g) Eye Of Soros @ASMAntiSocial Follow - Watching terrible Youtubers to trigger the libs" Paul Joseph Watson@PrisonPlanet 6h Who I watch most on YouTube (no particular order) - Molyneux - Peterson Styx Rogan - TJ Kirk - Pool - Sargon - Crowder 9548 591 ㅇ 3.5K Gad Saad@GadSaad 3h I'm not on top of your list? Are you ok Paul? This could be construed as a psychiatric break from rational thought. 919 11。268 Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet Follow Replying to @GadSaad I love your vids too! 10:49 AM-3 Nov 2017 Mike Cuckovich @realTomBloke Follow Dave Rubin 2016: i'll be the first to hold trumps feet to the fire 2017: top 10 racist halloween costumes to trigger the libs What to Wear on Halloween sett 39k ganger Sexuall Posts @NickMikail Follow ) ﹀ Providing damning testimony without a lawyer present for six hours to trigger the libs Hh When It Comes To The Russia Probes, Carter Page ls Handling Things His Way Despite being involved in various investigations into Russian election interference, the one-time adviser to Donald Trump has recently sought the spotlight without DemCranbrrySocialism @TheShaunNavarro Follow Ruining my grandkids Halloween to trigger the libs ABC News. @ABC Trump's grandchildren show off their military, law enforcement Halloween costumes Follow ) 、/ @arikuyo WIPING MY ASS WITH SANDPAPER TO TRIGGER THE LIBS 0> PeterSweden PeterSweden7 I like how Norwegian toilet paper is much rougher than the UK brands. Made for Vikings. 05/10/2017, 17:05 37 Retweets 241 Likes 2:08 PM 6 Nov 2017

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