Weihan Zhang twitter profile picture depicting an asian man wearing a graduation cap.

Weihan Zhang

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Weihan Zhang (@liangweihan4) is a Twitter user who gained notoriety online due to his racist tweets towards interracial couples and mixed-race children in broken English, as well as being a fanatic Chinese nationalist, praising the accomplishments of the Chinese diaspora and promoting a traditional, hard-working lifestyle. The account was suspended in late 2020 due to its continuous violations of Twitter's policy on hateful conduct. It is unknown whether Zhang is a real person or a troll who was parodying the behavior of Chinese netizens via a gimmick account.


Zhang joined Twitter in October 2017, and by early October 2020, he had gained at least over 29,600 followers.[1] The account was suspended on October 10th, 2020, for violating Twitter's rules against abuse and harassment.[2] While Zhang was publicly located in California, he never released any personal information, details about his life or any other photo of himself other than his iconic profile picture, which shows him wearing a college graduate outfit and hat (shown below, left). Zhang's name and appearance match with a bioinformatics Ph.D. candidate at Huazhong Agricultural University, in Wuhan, China (shown below, right),[3] meaning that even though the account might have been a fake, its name and profile picture were likely taken from a real person.


Screenshots of posts, retweets and comments from Zhang's account started spreading on Twitter, Facebook, 4chan, iFunny and other websites, gaining virality between 2019 and 2020. On January 22nd, 2019, one of Zhang's tweets with his signature phrase "I am not allow" with the images of a mixed Chinese-African family was posted on iFunny by user Asturian.[4] The post gained 30 smiles in two years (shown below, left). On November 16th, 2019, another screenshot of Zhang saying "Grand parent cry" on an image of a Chinese woman holding her mixed-race child was posted on iFunny by user MingMingDuckling, which gained over 40 smiles in one year (shown below, right).[5]

Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 Grand parent cry >

More screenshots of Zhang's Twitter post started spreading on 4chan's /pol/ board, which showcased him saying "allow" to same-race Asian couples, "not allow" to AMWF couples and "NOT allow" to WMAF and BMAF (Black Male Asian Female) couples (shown below).[6][7]

Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 路 Mar 3 1. allow 2. not allow 3. NOT allow 12 27 93 488 Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 路 Jan 24 1. alway allow 2. not allow 3. NOT allow 32 27 88 503

On April 5th, 2019, a screenshot of Zhang commenting "I am NOT allow" to Asian-American politician Andrew Yang officiating a marriage between his cousin and a White man (shown below, left) and another one of a BMAF couple (shown below, right) were posted by the Facebook account Charismatic Chinese Memes.[8] The post that contained both screenshots received over 165 likes in two years.

Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 My friend I am uncomprehend are allow cousin marriage mans are caucasion. I am NOT allow. OAndrew Yang @AndrewYang 路 23h Officiated a family wedding this weekend - love you cousin may you laugh like this always Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 14h I am NOT allow O 24 ta 14 234

On October 4th, 2019, a Yes Chad version of Weihan Zhang was posted by Twitter user @LycanVisuals (shown below, left), which gained over 150 likes in two years.[9] On November 24th, 2019, a screenshot of Twitter user @PunishedAd saying "Imma tell my kids this was Confucius" over Zhang's profile picture was posted by Dank Daoist Memes on Facebook, gaining over 55 likes in two years (shown below, right).[10]

Not Allow. adam @PunishedAd Imma tell my kids this was Confucius

Various Examples

Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 路 24 abr. Grand parent cry are broken branch A O 17 t7 58 477 Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 #ImNoHeroBut I am discourage many friends twitter caucasion mans are meet girl friend Chinese. Curse baby childs species incorrect prevent OT OW M OT NOT LOW AM IOT Low I AM NOT ALLOW AM M OT A OW A M 9:21 AM 15 Feb 19 Twitter Web Client Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 1. allow 2. allow 3. NOT allow GLO TIL > Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 Ancestory confusion are speciate. Grand parent tear 12 1:21 AM 3 de abr de 2019 路 Twitter Web Client > Weihan Zhang @liangweihan4 |am vomit this mans are defacate wife are wicked Chinese womans childs are species incorrect.

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Freakenstein Moderator

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Virtually most of the userbase does not care about where people came from as a couple, but those who live in that world enough will comment on it. So it creates an illusion of this disparity that doesn't exist.

Like, look at your own question. This is something most of us would expect getting brought up in the fucking 70s, not in satellites leaving interstellar space 2022.


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