What's Wrong Big Boy?

What's Wrong Big Boy?

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"What's wrong big boy" is a quote associated with sexually suggestive fan art of Pokemon commonly followed up with the quote, "Never had your cock sucked by a Pokemon before?" The phrase has been included in several fan art photoshops and spread through 4chan's /vp/ board.


In 2013, Tumblr user ask-male-sylveon posted a response to some questions asking about his identity with a drawing of his mascot, a male Sylveon.[1] The post accumulated over 380 notes over the past three years.

Anonymous asked you: What's your sexuality? Anonymous asked you: Prove you're a guy! I don't believe you! Wel arent ou a CA cuVious bunch Houw about yo toy to Fir Out instead ?

On March 15th, 2016, Tumblr user braixenskirt[8] published an edit of the image in which Sylveon says, "I'm about to attend a meeting of the communist party. Would you like to join me?" The image was then later photoshopped by an unknown source to have the Sylveon saying, “What’s wrong big boy? Never had your cock sucked by a Pokemon before?” The earliest known post of the image was to the Facebook group Waifus be WILIN[7] on June 4th, 2016.



The image was first posted to 4chan was by an anonymous user[2] on a /vp/ Pokemon forum on September 18, 2016. There, the phrase inspired several variations on the original image. One of the more popular of the variations is an edited piece of the Pokemon Tapu Lele with Bedroom Eyes to include the phrase, posted on October 28th, 2016 by an Anonymous user[5] on /vp/. Over the next couple of months, the image had been re-posted a few dozen times on /vp/.[6]

WHAT'S WRONG BIG BOY? 6 NEVER HAD YOUR C--- SUCKED BY AN ISLAND GUARDIAN BEFORE Image Search 스 1477638032951 [1].png, 740KiB. 962x863 Anonymous Fri 09 Dec 2016 09:37:55 No.30646066 View Report >The battlefield got weird

Rotomdex's Use of "Big Boy"

On November 18, 2016, Nintendo released Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. In the game, Professor Kukui gives you a "Rotom Pokedex," a Pokedex inhabited by the Pokemon, Rotom, who gives you advice. While giving you advice, your Rotomdex occasionally calls you by the term, "big boy," but only if you play as the male protagonist. This has caused many people to relate its use of the words to the quote and Meme Magic.

Zzzzmmm! You're getting really close, big boy You've nearly completed the Melemele Pokédex! Rotom You've made it to Ulaula Island now, big boy! big boy!

Various Examples:

涎 .111 2996 1:47 PM WHATS WRONG BIG BOYP NEVER HAD YOUR C--- SUCKED BY A POKEMON BEFORE?? 2:48 I'm calling the police 4G .. 95% 18:50 Jamie last seen today at 18:49 Last lesson now til 7:15 18:47 K 18:47 Too late for southbank? 18:47 Nope theres 1000s of ppl there 18:47 Cool 18:48 I won't come home without talking to some girls 18:48 WHATS WRONG BIG BOYP NEVER HAD YOUR C--- SUCKED BY A POKEMON BEFOREPP 18:49 That is horrendous 18:49 Type a message WHATS WRONG BIG BOY? NEVER HAD YOUR C--- SUCKED BV A POKEMON BEFORE??

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