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MEME OF THE MONTH Moushley Upon recommendation of our research community and by the virute of the authority vested in them, Know Your Meme hereby confers upon Moushley this certificate of memeship in recognition of its outstanding reception during the month of March 2023 Nº 0323 CERTIFIED

Ashley Graham's community-enforced fursona, Moushley gets the cheese of sweet, sweet victory with 14 percent of total votes. The abundance of mouse puns and fan art depicting Ashley from Resident Evil 4 and its recently released remake as the rodent in distress have won the hearts of many RE fans and not only them. What can we say, except we've been very cheesed to meet you, Moushley.

4) I CRAVE CHEESE LEON M M GOT SOME RARE CHEESE ON SALE STRANGER) HELP ME LEON LEON HELP! i meet someone i am cheesed to meet them they kidnap me KLANK m N

Nicholas Cage Looking at Pedro Pascal

What makes Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal's trippy trip from the 2022 action comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent such a good meme is the sheer contrast between Cage's confusion slash "what have you done" expression and Pascal's laugh of pure thrill. The one-fit-all caption format served TikTok crowd the entire month and quite deservingly snatches second place with 13 percent of your votes.

@rackety_ghoul #whyamilikethis #theunbearableweightofmassivetalent #pedropascal #niccage ♬ original sound – ghoulia

@thoughtless_apocalypse it’s good i’m not lying just watch it so i have someone to talk about it with 😭 #anime #onepiece #monkeydluffy #roronoazoro #nami #usopp #sanji #tonytonychopper #nicorobin #franky #brook #jinbe #trafalgarlaw #portgusdace ♬ original sound – ghoulia

Jamiroquai Grab

Building off Dancing, Walking, Rearranging Furniture's popularity that reintroduced "Virtual Insanity" into the zeitgeist, Jamiroquai Grab became a video caption format like no other because where else can you find a person moving quite like that? Whenever you need to joke about a fighting character's moveset or lunging for the officer's service weapon, Jay Kay and his slow grab are there, sliding ever-sneakily towards you. Third place with 10 percent of total votes.

Akuma players when they see someone move backwards me sneaking up behind the unsuspecting officer trying to grab his service weapon Me fully succumbing to Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva but I'm in the middle of ice skating

Pope Francis Drip

The format that almost single-handedly made Midjourney add a paywall to curb the spread of AI-generated misinformation, Pope Francis Drip went so hard that even people who never fell for it wished it had been true. Seeing Pope Francis in a long white puffer can make any demon self-exorcise from getting fashion-mogged by His Holiness. Fourth place with nine percent of your votes.

in the name of the father the son made with mematic And the holy drip AMANA made with mematic The church being when they're worrying about other people's sexual relationships The church when people ask about their sexual relationships

The Porn Dude / Mr. Porn Geek

Instead of the obligatory hornyposting meme of the month, we offer you something not-so-different — mascots of two online pornography review sites that went absolutely viral early in the month. Whether you are team Porn Dude or a Mr. Porn Geek fan for life, we can all agree: the coom prevails … or at least takes the fifth place on our poll with eight percent of the votes.

WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? g 30202 0000000 THE PORN DUDE 80000 PORN GEEK Only The Bed Pake! first brown boy to get it poppin @basedsigmarodeo Leaked porndude emails revealed porndude nation killed Mr porn geek to stop the formation of a united states of porn PORNDUDE THE PORN DUDE ● 3:08 PM Mar 11, 2023 40.7K Views mr PO GE Only The gaz @thegazattak rhett and link THE PORNDUDE PORN DUDE 3:22 PM Mar 9, 2023 5,458 Views mrp : GE Only The

Chinese Panda Reaction Images

In sixth place with seven percent of total votes we have the Soyjak of the East, Chinese Panda Reaction Images. While the Western imageboards and Twitter were busy churning out millions of Wojak Comics, China developed its own version of silly online comics to strawman, or rather strawpanda, anyone into oblivion. It appears we are not so different after all. 完了,我被画成熊猫了。

eat shit 食屎啦你 (Jacky Cheung biaoqingbaos) 这肯定不是我的问题 This is definitely not my problem 0 I's not OK 我觉得不行 祝你单身 Wishing you a Be Single Get lost this way 这边滚 cry 哭 No need 不需要 10 我没事啊 I'm fine صمونننن @HumbuggHere Chinese reaction images are insane like what context do you even use this in FH 6:54 AM - Mar 19, 2023 2.9M Views : naomi @diyorchiectomy 美国人看到类似的图片会拍膝盖大笑 Translated from Chinese by Google Americans slap their knees and laugh when they see similar pictures GPED SOY BOY SOY BOY 4:55 PM Mar 19, 2023 1.2M Views 1) P*vel @arthoefootjob Mar 14 chinese people slap their knees laughing at shit like this Show this thread ●●●

Did you think we're done? Because we're not. There are still some memes that didn't make it to the top six but provided a great deal of entertainment that deserve a mention: the AI images of Donald Trump getting arrested to misinform your parents with (7%), the extremely satisfying Slap of God (6%), Mike O'Hearn's botox-rich reaction videos (6%), the omnipresence incarnate, Matan Even (5%), wholesome fan art of you favs dying in a glue trap (4%), the only frame from The Whale (3%), Sneako's story about him getting cucked, another display of how AI can aid humanity in Mori Calliope's horse audio (3%), and, finally, laundry and taxes becoming synonymous with feelings of true love (2%).

Everywhere I go... I see his face... )) ↓ | 3
howdy, deadbeats! i know there's been a thing going around lately about me and horses, but to that I say: don't believe everything you hear on the internet! be responsible, now! yeehaw! DAD New Win @TEMPURA PERSON "In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you. "}

Thank you for voting and see you next month!

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