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Big Steppy

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Big Steppy refers to a photoshopped panel from a hentai comic in which a woman is walking into a Japanese love hotel. In the original panel, she says she never thought she'd go to one as a woman. In the edited panel, she says she never thought she'd "Big Steppy." The edited dialogue has been used in numerous photoshops.


In August of 2016, hentai artist Ohkami Ryosuke posted a chapter from their comic TS Ryuugaku-ki.[1] In the first panel, a woman enters a Japanese love hotel (shown below).

HOTEL ANIIN A Japanese Love Hotel! Icant beieve m here! の Heyl Get over here! They sel vibes vbes!


On January 31st, 2017, the image was posted to FunnyJunk[2] alongside a picture of John Lennon The Absolute Madman. In the ensuing thread, a template of the character and a parody were posted (shown below).

HO 休憩 Swoot Im comin 宿泊 for ha Look at he Moun-1 tain S boor Do she go a booty? She dol oe yow Hyins to turn me inro an as- -fiend 17 %ま "た 色純地 Stude にた 女日て の本し え生この て活と チな女 ィて子) 入もわ身

On March 2 of the same year, Tumblr user Nobby[2], posted a drawing of Elma from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid in the same pose as the protagonist of the hentai comic, accompanied by the words "Big Steppy", gathering 9000 notes.


This appeared to inspire an edit of the original comic which changed the dialogue to feature "Big Steppy." The earliest known post of this comic was a March 17th post by Tumblr user yonhandere (shown below, left). On March 20th, Tumblr user dickardt made a post featuring 2B from Nier: Automata in the "Big Steppy" pose, gaining over 4,000 notes (shown below, right).

но 休憩 宿泊 Big Steppy! Big Steppy Never thought 旧Big Steppy as a woman.. 5色純地 女をる レの 9 え生この ィて子 big steppy

Various Examples

Who would win? OR 1 million 『HENTAI』 5 『KOICHI』 Big Steppy' Big Steppy Never thought d Big StepP as a Chairman A Japanese Love Hotel!! I can't believe Im here! as a ORY llama @llamam00n Seguir four horseman of the big steppy но. Big Steppy! Big Steppy Never thought Big Steppy as a woman... 2

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