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Minus8, also known as chtkghk and MinusPal, is a Korean Oekaki artist best known for his rhythmic animations and flash games, as well as a tendency to delete or abandon online accounts.

Online History


Minus8 first appearance online was on March 31, 2007 when they created their DeviantArt account under the handle chtkghk.[1] Their first piece of artwork was uploaded to the site on August 20, 2007 titled "zm"(shown below) gaining over 5,100 views and Favourites 170 over the past decade.[2]

DEVIANT ART SHOP FORUM MORE SUBMIT chtkghk minus 8 Profile Gallery Prints ☆ Favourites Journal Deviant 446 Deviant for 11 Years Statistics Male/South Korea Needs Core Membership ▼ Newest Deviations 自Activity O deviantID chtkghk 446 South Korea

They would continue to be active on the platform until it was left abandoned with their last work being a flash named "some animation" on March 8, 2011.[3]

Lost Accounts

After the departure of DeviantArt minus8 went onto other platforms to host his art, he has since; created and deleted six Tumblr accounts (last one presumed nuked by staff), a Hentai Foundry account (inactive)[4], a Pixiv account (inactive)[5], and a account with the only post saying "How to close this soup?"[6]. Additionally, Minus8 content has been posted on 7chan.


The current platform Minus8 is available on, streams artwork and games. Does not archive their streams but gave permission to allow others to upload the art elsewhere.[7]


Minus8 gained popularity from their pornographic flash animations and games in tune with video game music. He also gained notoriety of his work on anthropomorphize video game characters such as Super Mario and Shy Guy.


Though the concept of a rule 63 version of ShyGuy existed from rule63, Minus8 popularized the concept and art style with the animation of Shy Gals dancing.


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So is -8 doing better now? With all this new art appearing here i assume he got help & is doing well. Or is he powering through he's problems.

really hope its the former not the latter. Never just power through your problems, it makes it stronger.


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