Ugly Bastard

Ugly Bastard

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Ugly Bastard refers to an infamous hentai subgenre in which old, unattractive men have sex with and sometimes rape young girls, or lolis. The tag for the genre from hentai site Hentai Haven began seeing use in various photoshopped meme templates in the spring and summer of 2018, spreading through anime communities online commenting on the disgusting nature of the genre and shaming those who like it.


"Ugly Bastard" is a subgenre of hentai in which older unattractive men attempt to have sex with and sometimes rape young girls. One of the earliest known examples of commentary on the genre appeared on /r/Animemes on December 27th, 2017,[1] gaining over 400 points (shown below).

when you're already watching a f----- up hentai but then an ugly bastard suddenly appears I SAW AN EVEN DARKER BLACKNESS

The first definition for the term was posted to Urban Dictionary on March 16th, 2018,[2] though that submission only called it "The most horrible thing to ever exist." As of June 28th, 2018, the most popular definition gives a more in-depth definition (shown below).

TOP DEFINITION Ugly Bastard The one HentaiHaven tag that no one clicks on. As the words are taken apart, we have the word ugly, which basically is the opposite of attractive, and we also have bastard, which means a despicable person or thing. If you see an ugly bastard please call crime stoppers freading HentaiHaven tags person 1:Toys, Tsundere, Uncensored. Vanilla, Virgin... Person 2: Hold on you skipped ugly bastard Person 1: Yea, because that tag is s------- than the scat tag. via giphy #tsundere scatlhentai haven] Luncensored Lvanilla!Virgin][toys][crime stoppers by Itslnsidium May 14, 2018


Ugly Bastard memes began spreading on /r/Animemes in the spring of 2018, generally taking one of two forms. Some examples include a character or characters from hentai manga who fit the description. For example, a post from May 27th, 2018 showing several "Ugly Bastard" types gained over 150 points (shown below, left). Another example using one of those characters in the Deku Playing With His Mother template gained over 1,500 points (shown below, right).

You know someone is gonna get r---- when one of these f------ appear 0) Help! am here!

The other popular style of "Ugly Bastard" jokes photoshopped the tag for the genre from Hentai Haven into other meme templates. For example, a post to /r/animemes using Spongebob gained over 420 upvotes (shown below, left). Another using the Most People Rejected His Message template gained over 420 points (shown below, right).

Ugly Bastard lifo Most people rejected His message. Loli's are for pats, NEVER faps. Shut up! Ugly Bastard o Ugly Bastard 黑! Ugly Bastard Ugly Bastard oUgly Bastar d They hated Jesus because He told them the truth. Gal. 4:16

Various Examples

Yo why do we sacrifice people or animals to Satan? We should sacrifice things no one likes instead Ugly Bastard HONE Cinn EVERYTIME YoU DONT Ugl GETS AN Bay TIP, A Waifu astárd Butte ALWAYS GO FOR THIS Vanilla o Tentacle ·Yaoi K.O--- oUgly Bastard NEVER EVER GO FOR THIS Pregnant oRape o Loli ONLY VILLAINS DO THAT
Dispose of your here ly Bastard . 1080p Ahegao K. Alien K. A--- K. BDSM |( .Big Boobs |〈.B------- . Bondage | 〈·Boob JobJ〈·Com edy Cosplay eampie | rk Skin emon | uble Penetration | bbed | clusives ·Facial Femdom Filmed Foot Job Futanari GangbangGender Bender Ghost Golden Shower Hand JobHaremHorrorIncestInflationKemonomimiLactationLicking LoliMaid Marathon MasturbationMilfMind Break KMind Control MonsterMonster GirlNetorare NetoriNurseK.OrgyPlotKPOV PregnantPublic Sex RapeRawK Reverse R--- R----- Scat School GirlShotaSoftcoreSwimsuitTeacher TentacleThreesome . Toys-Tsundere «Ugly Bastard . Uncensored K. Vanilla-Virgin-X-ray-Yaoi |.Yuri kMind ControlMonster . 1080p . Ahegao K . Alien K . A--- K·BDSM K . Big B obs K·B------- . Bondage K. Bo ob Job .Com edy ( Cosplay Cream pie 〈 Dark Skin oDe mon D----------------- Dubbed 〈 Exclusives Facial FemdomFilmedFoot JobFutanari GangbangGender Bender.Ghost.Golden Shower Hand JobHaremHorrorIncestInflationKemonomimiLactationLicking LoliMaid Marathon MasturbationMilfMind Break KMind Control MonsterMonster GirlNetorare 〈eNet ri . Nurse K.O--- K.PI 〈·POV 〈. Pregnant K. Public Sex K. Ra K.Ra .Rim ob |〈. Scat |く. School Girl K. Shota KeSoftcore J. Swimsuit K·Teacher |く.Tentacle |〈·Threesome く.Toys . Tsundere lglyB tard Uncensored Vanilla . irgi lauay ·Yaoi ·Yuri Oh boy, this looks like a good douji R--- I wonder if 5 me me UGLY BASTARD UGLY BASTARD |UGLY BASTARD NETORARE (MORALDEGENERATIONİ -BLACKMAIL| PUBLIC USE DEFLORATIONİ U STARD nhentai tags

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[1] Reddit – /r/animemes

[2] Urban Dictionary – Ugly Bastard

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