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ExHentai, also known as SadPanda, is a hentai hosting site which stores one of the largest collections of hentai art on the internet. The site is a subsidiary of the more mainstream site E-Hentai and hosts collections of more controversial hentai genres such as lolicon and shotacon. In late July 2019, following a 12-hour warning period, the website was shut down by its owner due to legal fears but was brought in early August back after the servers were moved to another country.


On March 27th, 2010, hentai hosting website E-Hentai banned hentai artworks containing drawn depictions of sexual acts with minors, bestiality, incest and several other genres. All such works on the website were moved to a sister hentai website created for hosting such materials,[1][14]

To access the website, users have to have a registered E-Hentai account, which they have to be logged into. Any other users entering the site are met with an artwork of a sad panda by DeviantArt artist Epiphany (shown below),[2] which gave the website its nickname SadPanda.


July 2019 Shutdown

On July 25th, 2019, at approximately 4:20pm EST, ExHentai moderator Maximum_Joe launched a thread on /h/ (hentai) 4chan board in which he called for the /h/ users to back up the site, announcing that "they have a few hours" (later clarified to be under 12 hours) with the implication that the site would be shut down.[3][4] He added that "non-Fjord"[5] content would stay available for six months.[6]

View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO reminds_me_of_you_by_epiphany.jpg, 147KIB, 864x864 PANDA BACKUP NOW Maximum_Joe !JrVCpvv176 Thu 25 Jul 2019 23:20:25 No.5411286 View Report P Backup everything now. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is NOT a dril. You have a few hours.

In the same thread, Maximum_Joe wrote that "legislative changes involving lolicon"[7] had hit the site, adding that ExHentai and E-Hentai servers are located in the Netherlands.

Legislative changes involving lolicon have hit us. Site development has officially ceased. We are on borrowed time.

Under 12 hours for fjord access. ~6 months for the rest. Tenboro[8] is calling it quits

Following the announcement, multiple threads were started on /h/, /a/ and other 4chan boards with users spreading the news and discussing ways to effectively preserve the content stored on the website.[9][10]

On July 27th, 2019, at approximately 4:13am EST,[11][12] ExHentai was shut down.

Tenboro's Statement

Shortly before the shutdown, E-Hentai and ExHentai owner Tenboro made a post on E-Hentai forum in which he stated that E-Hentai will remain in operation until 2020 and promising that a permanent archive of content stored on the site would be arranged, adding that size of images alone exceeds 50 terabytes.[15]

Today, 10:13 Post # 1 Tenboro As some of you already know, I have been considering retirement from this site for some time due to a persistent tendon injury that makes it impossible to Admin spend any extended time in front of a computer. This is why the last Galleries update took over a year to complete, and why there's been no other updates to the rest of the site for almost two years. Still, the site has been operating normally even though I've only been able to put in the bare minimum work to keep it running, mostly thanks to the staff and the community in general Unfortunately, recent legislative changes in the Netherlands, confirmed by our host, has made it impossible to keep the status quo going. While it may have been possible to move the necessary servers to some other country with more lenient laws, at this point in time it's probably a game of whack-a-mole, so even if I wanted to attempt it, the aforementioned tendon injury makes it impossible for me to play that game. As such, certain changes have already been made, as you are all already aware of. EH itself will continue operating at least until the end of 2020 unless anything unexpected happens, and possibly indefinitely beyond that. While I'm not really that interested in running a neutered site on a personal level, and considering the tendon injury and inevitable rioting that will take place, it is not unlikely that no more development will take place and that I will retire at that point - however, I do recognize the importance of this site, so the ultimate outcome here has not been settled, and will depend on a number of factors. In the event that I retire, it has not yet been decided whether the existing staff will attempt to have a full successor established or whether it will be left to the existing mirror sites, but regardless of the outcome, I would arrange to have some sort of permanent archive hosted indefinitely. Note that this is not as easy as "just make a torrent available", as the source image files alone weigh in at over 50 TB on PROFILE REPORT OUOTE UP QUOTE P/M

Relocation to Moldova

On August 2nd, 2019, ExHentai was brought back up after the website servers were relocated to Moldova to avoid potential legal issues.[16] On the same day, multiple threads were launched on /h/, /a/ and other 4chan boards notifying users of the website being available again.[17]

[807/218/?] Anonymous Fri 02 Aug 2019 11:26:32 View Reply Original Report No.191474428 Quoted By:>>191474438 >>191474460 >>191474486 >191474513 >>191474530 >>191474630 >>191474642 >191474644 >>191474660 191474662>>191474666 >>191474678>>191474723 >>191474782 >191474858>>191474962>191474984 >>191475042 >>191475087 >191475095>>191475106 >>191475112 >>191475272>>191475471 >>191475518>191475558>191475587 >191475621 >>191475627 >191475693 >>191475718 >>191475727>>191475847 >191475851 >>191475928>>191475989 >>191476019>>191476113 >>191476121 >191476182>>191476265191476284 >>191476311>191476368 6KIB, 246x205, aaaa.jpg Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO >>191476373>>191476446 >191476939 >>191476958>>191477180 View Same 191477291 >>191477346 >>191478293 ITS BACK It's back Anonymous Fri 02[399 / 81] Aug 2019 11:52:53 No.5495996 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>5496004>>5496013>>5496136 >5496149 >5496183>>5496346 >>5496684 >>5496693 >>5496811>>5496852 >>5496885 >>5496957 >>5497187 >>5497342>>5497412 >5497587 >>5497766 >>5497958 5498062 456KIB, 1920x1080, wSHTdx.jpg| View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO >>5498185 >5499094 Let's go!


ExHentai hosted a variety of hentai genre of both mainstream and shocking nature. In addition, the website has also been used as a repository for other artwork such as non-hentai manga and doujin.


In June 2019, the website ranked 264th in popularity globally with over 40.1 million total visits.[13] The majority of unique views were distributed by United States (18.4%), Japan (13.3%) and China (11.1%).

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[5] The word "Fjord", as in "pining for the fjords", has been used by the ExHentai and E-Hentai users and moderators as a collective name for works of toddlercon, incest, bestiality, lolicon, shotacon and abortion genre.

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1. As someone who's just spent the last 12 hours rapidly downloading shit, this is all the Admin's fault. He gave people 12 hours notice to get their shit and get out. Not to move the servers, not to hand it off to someone else to take over. Nope, just have to kill the site because fuck the user and act like a fag. All those CGs and rare books just gone because this guy turned out to be a coward.
2. He says that the law has changed but if you actually look at the bloody law, there has been no definition change. He probably got scared and shut down the site.
3. The Dutch Gov have NOT requested for the site to be taken down. This is all on the admin.
Few images floating around.

Save what you can, hopefully the servers haven't been wiped yet, the content can be retrieved and all this can be rebuilt. Otherwise it really is like Alexandria going up in flames.

Genral Urist
Genral Urist

It's not common knowledge, but Exhentai was the bedrock of the western hentai fandom- a lot of other sites like Nhentai get their content from Sadpanda.

And it's not just hentai mangas: Exhentai also hosted things like old artbooks and CGs from old games.

This is the closest the anime can get to burning down the library of alexandria.


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