Breeding Difficulty meme example / I Sold You To A Pet Store Toasteed Quiz.

Breeding Difficulty / 'I Sold You To A Pet Store' Toasteed Quiz

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Breeding Difficulty or #BreedingDifficulty refers to the viral "I Sold You To A Pet Store" Quiz on where participants type their name into a text box and are given a stat sheet about their traits as a pet, including their personality, favorite food and breeding difficulty on a five-star scale. The quiz went viral on Twitter in late January 2023, making the hashtag "#BreedingDifficulty" trend shortly after as people shared memes using it online.


In January 2023, Toasteed posted a quiz on[1] titled, "I sold you to a pet store! How much did you sell for?" To take the quiz, participants type their name into the prompt box, click "Take the test" and are then given a stat sheet that imagines them as a pet, listing their favorite food, personality type, notes and breeding difficulty on a scale of one to five stars, five being the most difficult (example shown below).

Result for KYM-tan KYM-tan Price: 141,120$ Personality: Loyal. I love making a mess. Food: Eats a lot. Notes: Always keep on a leash. Breeding Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ C


On January 24th through the 26th, 2023, the hashtag "#BreedingDifficulty" trended on Twitter as users shared the results of their tests and others made posts wondering why "#BreedingDifficulty" was trending. On January 24th, Twitter[2] user @bluedragonjet posted a meme about the term, writing, "Me thinking breeding difficulty is about competitive pokemon," garnering over 5,100 likes in two days (shown below). On January 25th, Twitter[3] user @IshenSpins posted a meme about turning back time to stop "breeding difficulty" from trending, garnering over 880 likes in a day.

As the hashtag went viral on Twitter through late January 2023, additional users continued to share their results of the Toasteed test alongside their reactions to the quiz (examples shown below). On January 25th, HITC[4] then published an article about the quiz.

Nalia Iriel I vtuber pre-debut @Nalia_Iriel Not me literally doing a quiz to know my own worth UMMM AYO BREEDING DIFFICULTY??? WHAT DOES THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN I sold you to a pet store! How much did you sell for? Result for Nalia Nalia Price: 902,897$ Personality: Cunning. Sensitive to heat. Food: Prefers sweet things. Notes: Likes cuddles. Breeding Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ 8:41 AM - Jan 25, 2023-637 Views *** C EN Vtuber Miss Misha @VtuberMissMisha I love playing with my toys. Most of them don't even make it past foreplay. #BreedingDifficulty Result for Misha Misha Price: 58$ Personality: Fearful. I like playing with my toys. Food: Prefers sweet things. Notes: Likes cuddles. Breeding Difficulty: ★ 1:29 PM - Jan 26, 2023 4,862 Views C | affiliate arc @Niah_Politan niah CRUEL. IM WORTH WAY MORE THAN 25 BUCKS ....why is it only one star for #Breeding Difficulty..... Result for Niah Niah Price: 25$ Personality: Cunning. I always stay close to my family. Food: Likes alcohol. Notes: Can bite. Breeding Difficulty: ★ 2:31 PM - Jan 26, 2023 1,540 Views C

Various Examples

Ishen @IshenSpins Me going back in time to stop breeding difficulty from going trending S Tik Tok @miles_tzu 0:04 24.4K views 3:44 AM - Jan 25, 2023 59.7K Views ... . ST4RFY's Universal Central @StarfysTheName *opens Twitter, goes to trending* *sees “Breeding Difficulty"* hold the f--- up 12:16 AM - Jan 25, 2023 186.2K Views ali @ali_xD___ what the f--- is this breeding difficulty b------- 2:05 PM - Jan 26, 2023 3,138 Views

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