Civilized Discussion

Civilized Discussion

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Civilized Discussion is an exploitable comic series in which a social gathering representing "a civilized discussion" is disrupted by a group of naked people who proceed to relieve their bowels on the ground. In the series, the two groups are often depicted as rival factions from a variety of nations, fandoms and subcultures.


On September 7th, 2015, iFunny[6] user ArmenianNationalist uploaded a comic depicting a "civilized discussion among medieval Caucasian kingdoms" which is subsequently ruined by a group of naked Turkish men wearing fez hats (shown below).

A civilized discussion among medieval Caucasian kingdoms 卡 "Oh no, here come Turks


On December 2nd, 2015, Meme Center[5] user okurwa reuploaded the comic. On December 28th, a blank template was uploaded to Imgur (shown below).[4]

On January 3rd, 2016, a comic showing an anime discussion being disrupted by weeaboos was uploaded to 9gag (shown below, left).[3] On January 20th, a comic mocking gaming discussions between console players and the PC Gaming Masterrace was posted on 9gag[2] (shown below, right).

A Civilized discussion between animation fans Oh no, here come the weeaboos NA A civilized discussion between gamers Oh no, here comes the PC Master Race

On April 9th, FunnyJunk[8] user grindoff posted a version of the comic mocking the behavior of Australians on the internet (shown below, left). On July 6th, the @Liberwehr[1] Twitter feed posted a comic titled "A civilized discussion on the Internet," in which a group of Turks disrupt a social gathering by relieving their bowels on the street (shown below, right).

A civilized discussion on the Internet OH NO, HERE COMES THE AUSTRALIANS Lone Liberwehrwolf @Liberwehr #MeinEuropaeischerMoment A civilized discussion on the Internet Oh no, here come the Turks RETWEETS LIKES 13 47 3:13 PM -6 Jul 2016 わ 13 13

Various Examples

Both teams agreed to test out a new group taunt peacefully And then the f2ps showed up A civilized discussion between MOBA players 0h no, here come the no-lifers DOTA cthulhuforpresider DOTA LOL thulnuforpresldent cthulhuforpresident cthulhuforpreside cthulhuforpresident A civilized discussion between cartoon fans Oh no, here comes Tumblr
A civilized discussion among the nobility "Oh no, here come Plebs" NIL Alt-right grandma shares her views on democracy A civilized discussion between rebels Oh no, here comes the First Order TRAITOR!! TRAITOR! AITOR!! TRAITOR HOUND KONAMI ACIVILIZED DISCUSSION BETWEEN METALIGEAR FAN OHI NO.HERECOMETHE MEMES EIAL FOXHOUND TAGAIN

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