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Tribe War, also known as Waifu Wars, Isekai Wars, or Western Isekai, is a fandom war between fans of various Western animated shows with Isekai themes, originating on the 4Chan /co/ board in July of 2019.


On July 21, 2019, an anonymous 4Chan user posted a /co/ board thread, titled "Soon"[1], depicting character, Tulip Olsen from the (at the time) upcoming Cartoon Network animated series, Infinity Train, putting Amphibia main character, Anne Boonchuy in a trash bin. This is considered to be one of the first instances of a fandom war between the two shows.

On July 22, 2019, an anonymous user posted a /co/ board thread, titled "I'm here to divide up /co/. Choose one and only one"[2], with a thumbnail of the animated main characters, Luz, Anne, and Tulip from the animated shows, The Owl House, Amphibia, and Infinity Train. The post accumulated over 500 replies, as well as several OCs related to the Tribe War.

CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOR Team Luz Team Anne Team Tulip

As the fandom war attracted more attention, other users began joining in, creating their own threads bashing the other show. One anonymous user posted a thread titled "ANNE TRIBE"[3], which may have been where the catchphrase "Tribe War" originated from. Shortly after the first thread was posted, another user posted a thread titled "TULIP TRIBE"[4] in response. In the midst of the chaos, one Owl House fan posted a thread humorously titled, "g-guys?"[5] with an image of Luz crying.

R: 119/: 65 ANNE TRIBE: f--- tulip f--- f--- luz f--- anne gang til infinity R: 270 1:83 TRAIN TRIBE: f--- anne f--- f--- luz f--- tulip gang til infinity

Over the course of the following week, /co/ experienced heavy amounts of fandom wars from fans of various shows, mainly Amphibia and Infinity Train. Other shows included The Owl House, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure, DC Super Hero Girls, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, Hilda, 12Forever, and more recently, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

By late 2019, Tribe War had become a widely known phase on the /co/ board.

Various Examples

With threads like this I'm starting to think we really do belong in the /trash/ O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)15:42:14 No.108881131 File: onions.png (447 KB, 783x488) >>108880954 O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)15:07:03 No.108880539 ► File: F--- THE TOADS. gif (401 KB, 1280x720) >>108878572 *ДНЕМ* O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)15:12:07 No.108880626 ► File: RIP.png (380 KB, 972x503) R: 26 / I: 9 ANNE TRIBE:: f--- tulip f--- f--- luz f--- anne gang til infinity >>108880594 F-annes BTFO R: 2 TRAIN TRIBE: f--- anne f--- f--- luz f--- tulip gang til infinity Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)12:08:49 No.108877686 File: 1563690635863.png (502 KB, 1345x1457) >108877702 >>108878992 O Anonymous 07/21/19(Sun)15:04:27 No.108859760 File: newhome.png (707 KB, 1345x1457) THIS IS YOUR HOME >>108861791 >108863840 >>108864984 >>108875361 >>108875390 Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)14:37:33 No.108880023 >>108880494 >>108881058 IS YOUR HOME >>108846850 Fanbase war threads are cancer and against >>>/global/rules/3 OP is a f-----. Do your part to help purge this board of subhumans like him by reporting this thread. Here's a link so you don't have to scroll up to the top of the page. https:/ 7628 O Anonymous 7/22/19(Mon)15:04:54 No.108880494 ► File: 1563324111819.png (104 KB, 426x446) >>108880023 THIS IS YOUR HOME O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)14:00:58 No.1088794 File: EF054512-7848-471D-9F20-8(..).jpg (59 KB, 95 O Anonymous 7/22/19(Mon)14:32:23 No.108879948 ► Stop trying to make this happen >>108878572 -ile 1: -h1*/ pIng (11: KF.h*a =h-; O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)12:58:28 No.108878418 > >>108878992 File: 1563815294264.png (628 KB, 1345x1457) THIS IS YOUR HOME >>108877676 Fixed it for you, shill. Anonymous 07.22/19(Moni'5 56 44 No. 1C88813E4 le 1563310768414 rng (120 K=, 475x3291 O Anonymous 07/21/19(Sun)18:07:08 No.108863840 ► | cant telthe difrence between sincenty and irony anymore. >>LE881194 221E8812 >>IDE88123E >>100010I -als 152 -Sraug 11. FE, •-e-; >>108859760 Cute post, almost cute enough to justify it being spammed everywhere. ARE YJU MOTHERFIUCKERE READY TO FLICK DANA'S SEL- NSERTIF O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)09:21:03 No.108875361 File: infinityhome.png (242 KB, 515x290) >>108875439 >108877057 >>108881164 NO! You pick ONE show, anon, ONE show. >>108859760 Let's finish this O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)14:23:23 No.108879807 ► ONE : ANNE IS THE MANN ANNE IS THE MANN ANNE IS THE MANN ANNE IS THE MANN ANNE IS THE MAN O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)09:28:30 No.108875439 File: newhome2.png (773 KB, 1345x1457) THIS >108875629 show, >>108875361 YOUR HOME Terrible. Ananym ana2:19Wcil30:35 'lo. ICBEESA F: 3:uil: ma61AK3, O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)15:49:35 No.108881265 ► >>108881309 File: 1563767349313.png (323 KB, 682x665) O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)13:37:52 No.108878992 >>108879119 File: 4be9370921 e7ce656e0005224(..).jpg (6 KB, 255x235) You wish that you can be as fly as Anne >>108877686 >>108877702 >>108877929 >>108878418 This is the current best thread in /co/ right now. ITS HAPPENING O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)15:38:09 No.108881058 File: Anne you.png (434 KB, 497x806) >>108880023 I really need a folder of characters dabbing for these kind of situations. (You) JULY 2019 /co/ entered a civil war Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)13:45:54 No.108879139 ► >>108879419 Loud House f------ are less cancerous at this point EJiu lti ; kild. We need ponies back to teach you all how is done O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)14:00:18 No.108879419 >>108880544 >>108879139 >t. Loud House f-- O Anonymous 07/22/19(Mon)15:13:21 No.108880644 File: speedhuh.png (50 KB, 236x239) >>108880697 >>108880928 >Train tribe >Anne tribe >Owl tribe This board will enter in a civil war the next year



Isekai is a sub-genre of Japanese fantasy manga, anime, and related media in which a protagonist or group of protagonists, usually people with lacking skillsets in the real world, are transported to, trapped in, or reborn in another world or universe. The genre grew to prominence in the 2010s

Console Wars

Console Wars (also dubbed Console Debates) are a type of flame war between fans of video game consoles.

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