Jazmine and Kenzo Stan Twitter Feud / Barb Stan Twitter Beef

Jazmine and Kenzo Stan Twitter Feud / Barb Stan Twitter Beef

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Jazmine and Kenzo Stan Twitter Feud or Barb Stan Twitter Beef refers to an online feud on Twitter / X between the Nicki Minaj fan Jazmine and Dua Lipa fan Kenzo. Started by an ironic Stan Twitter fight about pop singers and their favorite artists, the conflict escalated in March 2024 after Jazmine (@jazmineonika2) flew thousands of miles to show up at Kenzo's (@popsongaesthete) house to continue the fight, which led to police showing up at the scene and several videos of Jazmine running and laying on the ground going viral on X.


On March 14th, 2024, X[1] user @bincoz posted a thread detailing the timeline of events of the "the stan Twitter beef between @jazmineonika2 and @popsongaesthete that went too far," as they captioned. The post (shown below, left) garnered over 1,900 likes and 832 retweets in a few hours and explains that Kenzo and Jazmine have been "throwing shots at each other over their favorite artists and over disliking each other's artists," while showing a screenshot dating back to February 22nd, 2024, of Kenzo making fun of a video posted by Jazmine (shown below, right).

tonio @bincoz. Follow the stan twitter beef between @jazmineonika2 and @popsongaesthete that went to far a thread i 2:16 AM Mar 14, 2024 X kenzo @popsongaesthete 2/22/24 that is not your twin 0:17 1725 121 ili 12K

After a few back-and-forth exchanges on X, Kenzo revealed his address on March 13th, 2024, and encouraged stan Twitter to come to his house. Jazmine then booked a flight and showed up in Kenzo's neighborhood a few hours later on the same day (shown below), challenging him to come outside to fight. Jazmine's video[2] amassed over 59,000 views and 784 likes in a day.

Kenzo, whose X account was suspended on the platform around this timeframe, had posted a video confronting Jazmine (shown below) alongside his father. X[3] user @lmp3rfect reposted the video on March 14th, which shows Jazmine running away and falling as Kenzo recalled the reasons the stan Twitter beef started. The post amassed over 405,000 views and 9,900 likes in a few hours.

The police were called to the scene by Kenzo's family, as he explained in a series of tweets that Jazmine is allegedly autistic and "isn't aware of the consequences of his actions," saying he discussed the possibility of "taking him [Jazmine] back to Los Angeles so he can get the help that he needs." The user[4] also mentioned "stan Twitter should be a place where you can discuss music and laugh," amassing more than 170 likes and 50 retweets before getting his account suspended (shown below).

kenzo ❤ @popsongaesthete 49m • he has autism so he isn't aware of the consequences of his actions. the police, my father, and i discussed the possibility of taking him back to los angeles so he can get the help that he needs. social services will take care of him. the compassionate side of things. 5 109 279 ❘ 20K

kenzo ❤ @popsongaesthete 15m • Showing up to a person's house regardless if an individual is mentally challenged or not is absolutely insane. Stan Twitter should be a place where you can discuss music and laugh at music artists' issues but when the fans are being targeted, it is wrong. 3 1753 177 ılı 5.6K 습

Online Reactions

As the stan Twitter beef started to escalate on March 13th, 2024, X users confused with the motifs and reasons of the fight started to post jokes and clips trying to figure out what was happening. For example, on March 14th, 2024, X[5] user @jps_aririahposted a picture of Jazmine sitting on the sidewalk in front of a police car saying, "Police being involved in stan Twitter drama is so unserious." The post (shown below, left) amassed over 25,000 likes and 2,000 retweets in a few hours.

On the same day, the X[6] page @ThnkVNext posted a year calendar image showing Kenzo and Jazmine's picture above March, saying, "This year of Stan Twitter is for the books." The post (shown below, right) amassed roughly 4,800 likes and 400 retweets in a few hours.


Also on March 14th, X[7] user @101FacesOfCardi posted a fan edit of the barb stan Twitter beef (shown below), which garnered over 4,600 views and 230 likes in a few hours.

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