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The Talbert Files

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The Talbert Files is a collection of leaked files purportedly from an old, unreleased version of the Five Nights at Freddy's book The Freddy Files, a book that explains lore regarding the series. The leak first surfaced online in early April 2024 and was purportedly leaked by now-deleted X user @entom_dp, becoming increasingly popular throughout the month leading into May. Early that month, FNAF creator Scott Cawthon responded to discourse surrounding the leak, claiming that it is fake, although some believed it was being covered up.


On April 5th, 2024, Spanish X[1] user @JaceSonArtix shared a series of posts claiming that an old, unreleased version of what appeared to be The Freddy Files was discovered, crediting now-deleted X user @entom_dp for the discovery (shown below). The post claims that The Talbert Files, titled this because they are purportedly narrated from the perspective of FNAF character Dr. Talbert as he tries to piece together the lore, contain major changes to the lore and lore reveals that fill in gaps in the story.

The purported leak also included an email purportedly sent by Cawthon to the would-be publisher where he suggests the publisher can "do whatever they want" with the book and release it as fan-fiction if they wish.

THE TALBERT FILES CELE UNCORRECTED Piz Five Nights Gat Freddy's The Freddy Files UNCORRECTED PROOF NOT FOR SALE Cave Nights Gat Freddy's The Freddy Files, 's Piz PARANORMAL VETATOR STORYAND AUROR The Talbert Files es como se le conoce, entre los "expertos" de Five Nights at Freddy's, a una versión errónea del The Freddy Files lanzado por accidente y le pertenece a Entom, uno de los más grandes expertos de FNAF y básicamente alguien siempre cercano a la franquicia y su información. El mismo que en su momento trajo al conocimiento antes de tiempo el mismísimo Dittophobia. entom @entom_dp Lo que hace interesante al libro, es que este no es un The Freddy Files con errores o con información pequeña que fue cambiada. Al contrario, el libro contaba con una versión de la historia de Five Nights at Freddy's que cuenta con cambios muy grandes a la historia que nosotros conocemos. El motivo por el que el libro es llamado The Talbert Files, es porque se supone que es una investigacion de la version anterior del Doctor Talbert que conoceriamos en los Fazbear Frights. El investigador Christopher Ryans Talbert. UNDER INVESTIGATION BY PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR CHRISTOPHER RYANS-TALBERT En una publicación anterior, mencioné como Scott quería que The Freddy Files fuera el producto de la investigación de un Blogger, de un Jugador y de un Investigador y es que originalmente, el libro sería solo del investigador, solo de Talbert. Este libro, o mejor dicho, está versión de la historia nació ANTES DE SISTER LOCATION a diferencia del libro final, el cual salió posterior a la salida de Sister Location y The Twisted Ones. EMAIL RESPUESTA DE SCOTT CAWTHON Según Scott Cawthon, más que una historia, son como esbozos de lo que buscaba realizar. El no puede decir exactamente qué ha cambiado de lo que se mostró en el libro a comparación de la historia actual, pero si menciona que todo el libro era una precuela a Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator, incluso antes de su anuncio. Algunos personajes permanecen y otros fueron alterados y puestos en otros lugares, como es el caso del mismo Talbert mencionado anteriormente. Scott 2:40 PM (5 minutes ago) to me▾ Hey, do whatever you want with it. Its in the past. Heck, maybe you could turn it into a fanfiction. (Hey, It's not like anyone would know ;)) But in all seriousness, dont stress over it, really. I appreciate the kind email. La mentalidad de Scott Cawthon con Five Nights at Freddy's y como entender su lore es: Todo lo que es lanzado es lo que es canonico incluso si es contenido descartado hasta que llegue algo nuevo y descanonice a lo anterior. ¿Y QUE CONTIENE THE TALBERT FILES? Como dije antes, más que una historia, son ideas de esta, pero lo que hay aquí es ORO PURO, ya que mucho de su contenido puede ser utilizado actualmente al ni haber nuevo contenido que lo reemplaze. The Talbert Files cuenta con... LA HISTORIA DEL PADRE DE CASSIDY TUCKER, EMMETT TUCKER. LOS NOMBRES COMPLETOS DE LOS CINCO NINOS DESAPARECIDOS. ¡EL NOMBRE DE PHONE GUY! LA INEXISTENCIA DE HENRY Y CHARLIE CASSIDY POSEYENDO A PUPPET Y A GOLDEN FREDDY UNA MARAVILLA DE DISCURSO DE WILLIAM AFTON ¡Y MUCHO MAS!

On April 6th, u/sac_112 made a post to /r/fivenightsatfreddys[2] about the leak where they ask about its authenticity and list some of the major lore details that @JaceSonArtix claims are contained in The Talbert Files, writing:

  • Henry and Charlie didn't existed in the original timeline before SL (being retconed apparently)
  • "Emmet" and Cassidy take the role of Henry and Charlie originally
  • "Emmet Tucker" being the father of Cassidy
  • "Emmet" being the creator of the Mediocre Melodies
  • "Emmet" creating Happy frog based on Cassidy
  • The name of Phone Guy being "Steve Callahan"
  • Cassidy posessing both Puppet and Golden Freddy
  • The names of the MCI (he didn't said them in the Tweets but we already know them)
  • A speech by William Afton in the book
  • "Emmet" being the one blamed for MCI
  • Cassidy drawing Shadow Freddy and RWQ. in a drawing of her "Happiest Day"
  • Cassidy Dying in Halloween
  • "Steve" (Phone Guy) being a friend of "Emmet" (father of Cassidy)
  • Cassidy calling Phone Guy "uncle Steve"


Rumors and speculation about The Talbert Files continued to spread over the following weeks, with some purporting it to be real and others purporting it to be fake. On April 29th, 2024, X[3] user @UnderScorePNG shared a post about The Talbert Files including a Google Drive[4] link consisting of the leak files.

Scott Cawthon's Statement

On May 2nd, 2024, FNAF creator Scott Cawthon posted a statement to /r/fivenightsatfreddys[5] about The Talbert Files, claiming the purportedly leaked email is fake and ultimately concluding, "I can pretty confidently say that The Talbert File is fake, and not an unreleased Freddy Files. It looks completely unfamiliar to me, and not something Scholastic would have put together. It also mentions characters that weren't created until years later. Pretty sure it's fake, folks." The post gained over 1,900 upvotes in a day (shown below).

The Talbert Files (self.fivenightsatfreddys) animdude Scott Cawthon submitted 22 hours ago* Okay everyone, here my official statement concerning The Talbert Files. As I said elsewhere, I don't know what The Talbert Files is- I haven't looked at it yet. I never said it was fake, though, despite the emails I'm getting. We are talking about 2017, and that's a long time ago. If it is an unpublished version of The Freddy Files, like everyone says, then it was obviously rejected. Lots of stuff gets rejected. One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is that a lot of companies that I work with come up with products from time to time that try to fill in the gaps of the lore. They essentially create new lore in trying to create a product. This happens a lot more than you may realize. Almost every time this happens, however, I step in and say- No, don't create lore; just focus on established lore. Even a detail as small as an "EST 1983" on a T-Shirt; I'll say NO, don't include an established date because that confuses the lore. Companies don't realize this; they have good intentions. All of this is to say that yes it's possible that "The Talbert Files" is an old version of The Freddy Files, but if it is, it was obviously rejected. Anytime you see an unpublished book, or unpublished screenplay, or even scrapped merchandise designs, try to keep in mind that a lot of ideas get scrapped because they are simply bad ideas. (I have enough bad ideas on my own; I don't need help.) The other problem is that I've seen emails supposedly by me that were not written by me. I do sometimes reply to emails, rarely, however the one that I've seen posted on Reddit and one the one sent to me privately by members of this "Talbert group" is a fake. It wasn't written by me; there are too many obvious giveaways. Please don't harass anyone over this. I think there is a lot of confusion over this obviously, but I don't think anyone has intended to cause problems. EDIT: Okay, I've been looking through some of The Talbert Files pages. I couldn't find any downloadable versions but I watched YouTube videos browsing through it. I can pretty confidently say that The Talbert File is fake, and not an unreleased Freddy Files. It looks completely unfamiliar to me, and not something Scholastic would have put together. It also mentions characters that weren't created until years later. Pretty sure it's fake, folks. NEWS

Online Presence

The Talbert Files inspired significant discussions within the FNAF fandom, along with discussions over their legitimacy. On May 2nd, 2024, following Cawthon's statement that the leak was fake, YouTuber[6] Chazington posted a video explaining both The Talbert Files and the PinkyPills controversy, garnering over 44,000 views in under a day (shown below).

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