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Fluttershy is a character form the 2010 Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.. She is a pale yellow pegasus with a pink mane and a cutie mark consisting of 3 butterflies. She is known for her timidity, kindness, and affinity with animals.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic premiered in 2010, introducing Fluttershy in its premier episode. She is initially presented as a timid pony who speaks softly until she noticed a dragon, Spike, upon which she became very chatty. The next episode showed her as capable of showing empathy toward animals as she helped remove a thorn from a manticore's paw.

Fluttershy is voiced by Andrea Libman in Friendship is Magic.


On the MLP wiki, the page on Fluttershy has been edited around 2500 times.[1][2] As of April 2015, a DeviantART search yields over 282,000 entries for her [3]. On June 20, 2012, Youtuber Skill;Draw created an edit of the opening of the episode "Sonic Rainboom" (see Yay below) featuring humanized versions of the characters (below). The video has nearly 26,371,000 views

A canonical humanized Fluttershy was introduced in the film My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. Though the fanartists' portrayals often differ from this version by adding sweaters or large breasts, the depiction in the film is still one of the most common humanizations in fanart.

Socially Awkward Brony


Socially Awkward Brony[4] is a snowclone image macro meme of the Socially Awkward Penguin with a Fluttershy background on it. It is used to generate awkward, clumsy or funny moments that can be occured by bronies.


Your going to FUCKING LOVE ME

Flutterrage comes from the finale of Season 1, "The Best Night Ever", Fluttershy suffered frustration from being unable to successfully communicate with the animals in the Canterlot Garden, resulting in her slamming open the door of the castle where the Grand Galloping Gala was taking place during the climax of the episode.

The next 2 episodes, collectively called "The Return of Harmony", shown her acting in a rude manner after Discord hypnotized her into subverting her personality, accompanied by a duller, grayer color scheme. The change was reversed by the end of the episode, but later on in the season she had shown signs of regression in the episode "Putting Your Hoof Down"

Characters Watching TV

Characters Watching Tv is an exploitable originated from "Putting Your Hoof Down", scene involving Fluttershy holding the ashes of a phoenix she was taking care of inspired a Ponychan member to create an exploitable Reaction Image of her holding a small TV and crying at the outcome. It eventually mutated to other characters in reacting differently to events.


Yay! is an onomatopoeia firstly appeared from the "Sonic Rainboom" episode, when Fluttershy cheering on Rainbow Dash while she was practicing the eponymous technique. Her attempts at the cheer were soft-spoken enough to frustrate Rainbow Dash, as a result of the scene some fans took on Using "Yay" to react to great developments, usually with a soft voiced emphasized by small text or a lack of capitalization.

Honorary Japanese

When Japanese fansubs of the show appeared in Nico Nico Douga, Fluttershy's personality drew comparisons to the "Moe" and "Yamato Nadishiko" anime archetypes, leading Japanese fans to refer to her an "Honorary Japanese".


hootershy (573) + applerack (176) + headlight sparkle (138) + 300s raritits (111) + pinkie pies (106) + rainboob dash (86)+ morrowlove.tumblr.com

Hooterrshy is a depiction of Fluttershy with large breasts, due to a trend in fiction that involves shy characters having large breasts, most likely a milf fandom.

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