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Gesugao (ゲス顔 "Guess Face" in Japanese) is a term referring to a facial expression often featured in anime and manga to depict various characters as evil, often giving them a smirk and highlighting their eyes in the color red.


The exact origin of the gesugao face is unknown. On May 24th, 2013, a video featuring variations of the face was uploaded to Nico Nico,[5] which has been credited[6] with popularizing the face on the video sharing site.


On June 26th, 2015, an entry for gesugao was created on the Danbooru Wiki.[1] On October 22nd, Urban Dictionary[3] user Gnashty Weeb submitted an entry for the term, defining it as "any facial expression stylistically warped to depict the 'evilness' of a character" (shown below).

gesugao Gesugao is any facial expression that is stylistically warped in a way meant to depict the "evilness" of a character. Damn, that girl got the gesugao look going on. Creepy.

On December 16th, FunnyJunk[2] user aznzeus submitted an image macro comparing gesugao to "torogao" and "ahegao" (shown below). On December 20th, the Gesugaollery Tumblr[7] blog was created, which highlights examples of the face.


On September 28th, 2018, a thread about gesugao was submitted to the /a/ board on 4chan,[4] where users submitted various depictions of the facial expression (shown below).

GET YOUR A55 OUTSIDE, Gesugao Anonymous Fri 28 Sep 2018 22:14:09 No.178665619 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>178666586 178671479 >>178673583 178673610>>178675278 >178678418 BOY. I recently discovered and fell in love with the Gesugao "face" and want to know about any manga that feature it abunch Anonymous Fri 28 Sep 2018 22:27:11 No.178666096 Report Kakegurui has it sometimes View Same Google iqdb SauceNAOGesugao - The Fuckmesideways Face.jpg. 41 KiB, 640x360 461 KİB, 600x652 get our ass outside boy.png View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO d Anonymous Fri 28 Sep 2018 22:41:01 No.178666586 Report >178665619 Gesugao "face" Otherwise known as the "I'm going to forcibly make you c-- inside me until your balls are dry," face Or the "That expression makes me want to forcibly c-- inside her until my balls are dry," face. Whichever comes first, and possibly both at the same time. Good taste OP.

On October 11th, YouTuber Pantsu Shot「NyR」uploaded a music video featuring the song "U Got That" playing along with pictures of characters with gesugao faces, which gained over 13 million views over the next six months (shown below, left). On December 15th, Pantsu Shot「NyR」uploaded a similar music video titled "K-on Animation | Gesugao" (shown below, right). Within four months, the video garnered more than 800,000 views and 2,000 comments.

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