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Hewwo is an intentional misspelling of "hello" with a cutesy or babyish connotation. The word grew into slang on Tumblr in 2017 as it began being used with a shitposting connotation.


"Hewwo" has been used in popular culture as a babyish way of saying "hello" for some time. Meme Documentation [1] traces an early example of "hewwo" to a Vanity Fair[2] article in which a woman is quoted as saying "hewwo, did you weally do Pwivate Benjamin?" (shown below).

First documented use of the phrase HEWWO in a Vanity Fair article

The top Urban Dictionary [3] definition of the term, submitted May 26th, 2006, defines it as a variation of "hello" (shown below).

TOP DEFINITION hewwo Hewwo is a variation of hello. "Oh hewwo! What new now?" thai #hi #hello #bai #bi by Jonathan Barger May 26, 2006 b 120 20


The word initially was used in engrish memes, particularly those involving Lu Hao (examples shown below).


On Tumblr, the word had been used sparingly over the years with the babyish connotation. Some popular early posts that have used the word include a text post by letshearitforthisclown[4] posted October 26th, 2016, that reads "me at a job interview: don’t fuck up dont fuck up kisses the interviewer straight on the lips for like 3 seconds hewwo" (shown below, top) The post gained over 35,000 notes. A post by the since-deactivated chicksalloverme[5] used the word and gained over 25,000 notes (shown below, bottom).

me at a job interview don't fuck up dont fuck up "kisses the interviewer stralight on the lips for like 3 seconds hewwo chicksalloverme: chicksalloverme: louder and more scaredly* HEWWO?1?

Tumblr Surge

These were precursors to a larger surge on Tumblr in which "hewwo" became a full fledged meme. In July of 2017, the word began being used in more shitpost-type posts, often met with exasperation (examples shown below). Another popular iteration of the meme includes people walking into scary places and saying "hewwo." Meme Documentation[1] covered the spread of "Hewwo" on August 8th, 2017.

MESSAGES now a shramp? *more loudly, my huge breasts trembling* HEWWO?? yall: hwewo, cwould i intwest ywou in swome twop qwualitwy 2017 twumbwr humow? me: "exhausted, already reaching for my gun*

Various Examples

peaks my head into the main reactor room at Chernobvl* hewwo? Is anyone dere? *Dies weeks later from intense radiation poisoning 11,896 notes Aug 8th, 2017 h-hewwo and wawcome to mny TED talk- *a steel beam, falle from the ceiling and crushes me to death* 17,380 notes 10:29am 5 Aug 2017 Tagged: #texte dreamhouse777: dreamhouse777: Hewwo....thls is your president speaklng. mister pwesident get down! HEWWO EVEWYBODY, THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING AN IM GONNA FWY ALL U NICE PEOPL TO MINNEAPOWIS OWO

heww woooo...? H. フ C. HEWWO? hhe W W o

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