I Got You, Brother meme format depicting Danny DeVito knocking a man off a roof and out of his brother's grip from a scene in It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia.

I Got You, Brother

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I Got You, Brother, continued Oh No You Don't, is an exploitable object-labeling image macro taken from a scene in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia featuring Danny Devito pushing a man off a roof with a piece of wood while he's being held over the edge as another man attempts to save him. Originating as a meme format in 2018, it's used to illustrate the struggle between forces that help and harm someone, with the falling man being aided by his brother holding him up and harmed by Devito.


The meme is originally taken from three images of a scene in the third episode of season three of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, titled "The Gang Gets Held Hostage," which first aired on September 20th, 2007. In the scene (shown below), Frank Reynolds (played by Danny Devito) has surprised the McPoyle brothers, who have been holding the main characters hostage on the roof of a building. In the commotion, Ryan McPoyle falls off, and his brother Liam takes his hand as he falls, saying, "I got you brother!" Frank then takes a board and pushes Ryan out of Liam's grip while saying, "Oh no you don't."

The scene's first use as a meme was on April 8th, 2018, when Imgur[1] user nickolice396 posted a meme (seen below) about 0.01% Of Germs using the images. The image reached the front page of the site and received over 3,000 upvotes in roughly three years.

99.99% bacteria God! Ah! [ Whimpering 1 SAlways Sunny in Fhiladelphia a The 00.01% bacteria I got you! I got you, brother. Hand sanitizer Oh, no, you don't!


The format continued to spread over the following years as more object-labeling memes continued to expand on it with new captions. On November 29th, 2020, Redditor _Asianmemeaddict_ posted an example of the meme (seen below) about Rickrolling to /r/dankmemes.[2] The post received over 21,000 upvotes in nine months.

Redditor who clicked on a Rickroll link God! Ah! [ Whimpering ] 15 second unskippable ad about to play I got you! I got you, brother! Adblocker Oh, no, you don't!

On August 23rd, 2021, Tumblr[3] user guerrillatech posted another example of the format (shown below) about Danny Devito's call to boycott Nabisco during a strike by the company's employees, receiving over 900 notes in one week.[4]

OREO Ahoys stoners at 2am NABISCO E WECLE CRIN WHEAT THINS EASY CHees RITZ I got you! I got you, brother. Danny Devito BOYCOTT Oh, no, you don't!

Various Examples

Tracer Me I got you! I got you, brother. My friend I'm already tracer Oh, no, you don't! Space God! Ah! [Whimpering I got you! I got you, brother! Oh, no, you don't! people who can't be vaccinated God! Ah! [ Whimpering ] Herd immunity I got you! I got you, brother anti-vaxxers • preventable diseases Oh. no, you don't!

Western Roman Empire Eastern Roman Empire I got you! I got you, brother. Western Roman Attila the Gothic Refugees Empire Hun Oh, no, you don't! Me about to get Youtube rickrolled Ad I got you! I got you, brother. My AdBlock Oh, no, you don't! Doctor: you only have 1 minute to live That 1 minute youtube video I loved Me I got you! I got you, brother. 2 youtube ads Me Oh, no, you don't!


I got you! I got you, brother. Oh, no, you don't! >

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