I Thlammed My Penith in the Car Door meme format and example depicting daffy duck in gangsta attire smoking a blunt.

I Thlammed My Penith in the Car Door

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I Thlammed My Penith in the Car Door or I Slammed My Penis in the Car Door most commonly refers to a shitpost image macro of Daffy Duck smoking a blunt with the text "I thlammed my penuth in the car door" on the top and bottom captions. The image was first posted online in June 2019, becoming more widespread over the following years and inspiring a number of video edits in 2021. Jokes about slamming your penis in a car door have been the occasional subject of memes since at least 2015.


Memes joking about slamming your penis in the car door have occasionally been uploaded online since the mid-2010s. One early example was posted to iFunny[1] on September 16th, 2015, and shows a glitching image of a dinosaur under the text, "when you slam your dick in a car door."

On March 30th, 2007, DeviantArt[4] user DDBUG007 posted a fan art image of Daffy Duck smoking a blunt with the word "SMOKE" written at the bottom, adorned with an UrbanStreetz.com watermark at the top (shown below).


On March 7th, 2019, Facebook[3] page Images You Can Hear posted an image macro featuring low-res fan art of Daffy Duck smoking a blunt with top and bottom text reading, "I THLAMMED MY PENUTH IN THE CAR DOOR" (shown below). This is the earliest available update of the meme, but it is unclear if it was made by the page owner. The image gained over 160 shares in two years.



On May 20th, 2019, YouTuber[2] MyNameNick posted a video titled "The Time I Slammed My Penis In The Car Door" in which he shuts a car door and says enthusiastically, "Ouch, it seems I have slammed my penis in the car door," gaining over 3,000 views in two years (shown below).

On June 7th, 2021, Instagram[5] meme page @kirby.exe posted a We're Gonna Be Talking About The Penis! edit using the Daffy Duck image macro and the Vine Boom sound effect, gaining over 14,600 views in two months (shown below, left). On July 9th, Instagram[6] meme page @colgate_comrade posted a video voicing over the image macro as a rap over a beat, gaining over 178,000 views and 32,000 likes in a month (shown below, right).

On August 18th, Twitter[7] user @ebola_granola posted, "i thlammed my penith in the car door You SLAMMED your PEnis IN the CAR door" over two images: Daffy Duck from Space Jam 2 on the left and PaRappa The Rapper on the right, as if the two are rap battling, gaining over 2,700 retweets and 14,000 likes in one week (shown below). The meme also led to major meme popularity of PaRappa the Rapper in September 2021.

Ebola Granola @ebola_granola i thlammed my penith in the car door You SLAMMED your PEnis IN the CAR door

On the same day, Twitter[8] user @koltjolt posted a voiced-over version of the meme combining the video of Daffy rapping the lines and adding a PaRappa impression saying the same phrase, gaining over 38,000 likes and 12,000 retweets in the same span of time. The video was uploaded to YouTube the next day, gaining over 4,100 views in five days (shown below).

On August 24th, YouTuber Sol Scribbles posted an animation recreating the tweet as a PaRappa The Rappa battle, gaining over 2,800 views in a day (shown below). They also posted the video to Twitter,[9] gaining over 22,800 likes and 7,500 retweets in the same span of time.

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