Bad Acronyms

Bad Acronyms

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Bad Acronyms are a series of jokes and photoshopped image macros where the words of an acronym do not match up with the letters of that acronym. An acronym is a mnemonic device where each letter in a word stands for another word (for example, the word "Scuba" is an acronym for for " S elf – C ontained U nderwater B reathing A pparatus). The jokes are generally used in shitposts.


Before becoming an internet joke, several images of bad acronyms went viral online to decent spread (examples shown below).

unge Elementary Playground Expectations C - Outside voices, appropriate words and language H- Find a teacher or adult A - DASH (Doing Active Sports for Healbh) M- Walking, running, skipping, jumping,et. - Keep your hands and feet to yourselfi P Everyone moving and playing together S -SPOTS -Remember them! DM0685659501 Whyisit a SMART choice for you to visit our Salad Bar? S Produce are grownin Georgia M Fresh quality Produce A Choices of salads Rchoices of toppings T It's healthy for You vinit our ar- ana geta chance to win a movie ticlket. A - Direct Instruction C - None H- Raise hand I - Share note at the end E S.L.A.N.T. V- Get important information E Variable


While the origins of the Bad Acronym Shitpost aesthetic are unclear, posts on /r/MemeEconomy[1] indicate the rise of the format began in March of 2017. On March 9th, Instagram user crit.a.cola[2] uploaded an image macro that read "Yeah I'm G.A.Y. Grateful For Jesus," gaining over 1,600 likes (shown below).

eAHUm @crita.coa


Four days later, a deep fried version of the post was posted to /r/MemeEconomy.[1] Several more edits[3][4][5] appeared on the subreddit in the coming week as most users enthusiastically recommended "buying" into the format.

yeah Im a GAMER G: Women A: Don't M: Deserve E: Civil R: Rights Yeah,so what Insta: @hugeplateofketchup8 T We should R Bring back A Slavery N To the S U.SA

Over the following months, the format would remain in decent use with several popular reddit posts using the format. For example, on May 20th, user Trash_garbage_waste[6] uploaded a variation with Pac-man using the Respect Women meme that gained over 7,200 points on the subreddit (shown below, left). On the 24th, user le kijf posted a deconstructed version to /r/coaxedintoasnafu,[7] gaining over 900 points (shown below, right).

YEAHL I m Aigh on C - Respect R For A-Womern phrase that doesn't match the letters of the O acronym and contains too few or too many words

Various Examples

Yeah I'm CIA For MEAH, SO WHAT 「111 GAY? RESPECTUL TO @GLOOPYGOODE WOMEN YOU DAGGUM RIGHT Imma RED VECK! eads daily ats organic only abbles in neuroscience ice to all races mail user hess Grandmaster eeps up with Kardashians yeah im in a GANG guys A - that W - go C to school everyday eah I'm 2 Yeah, I'm Athletic A Black T People H Are L Not E Functioning T Members I Of C Society

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