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Fartposting, Brapposting, or simply Brap, often extended with more 'A's as required (for example: "braaaaaaap"), is a slang term which refers to the sound produced by a fart, and consequently alludes to fart fetishists in the form of copypasta.


"Brap" is primarily used for shitposting and thread derailing on image boards such as 4chan.

A Reddit user posted to the subreddit r/OutOfTheLoop, looking for an explanation of the term.[1] Many comments responded explaining that the term referred to farting. One user replied with a possible origin from 4chan, stating:[2]

the actual answer is a few people who were into fart/scat fetishes started posting pictures of chicks with nice asses and stuff and then posting cringe tier erotica next to it about chicks farting and stuff.

People found it hilarious and started posting it all over the place and it just kind of took of as a meme. I think i saw it on /r9k/ before /fit/ though.,

Precursor: Brap as Euphemism for Farting

An early use of the term can be traced back to March 04, 2008 on Urban Dictionary, where the fifth-ranked submitted definition for "brap" reads thusly:[3]

The volume rating of a fart (Bp) governed by three variables;- rectal pressure®, buttock friction (f) and sprouts consumed (SpC). Buttock friction (f) can be reduced to zero by pulling the ringpiece open wide during emission.

"My word said the vicar, that anal exclamation was right off the brapometer"

However, it should be noted that there are other definitions ranked above this that do not coincide with either the memetic usage of "brap" as shitposting or with fart fetishism.


Usage of "brap" as a copypasta-style meme seems to have spread primarily in the mid 2010s, with regard to the aforementioned Reddit thread attempting to seek an understanding of the term's usage on 4chan. On November 16, 2016, a 4chan user gained mild notoriety on the video games board, /v/, with a post containing what appeared to be brap-themed roleplay.

Anonymous 11/16/16(Wed)13:32:01 No. 357881941 357882003 >>357882087 >>357882267 >>357882274 >>357882345 >357881384 (OP snnnnnilliiffffffff...oh yes my dear...."sssnnnnnnnnnnnniliffffft...quite pungent indeed...is that....dare I say..."sssSsssnniff.. .eggs I smell?sniff sniff... .hmmm...yes...quite so my darling.... sniff ....quite pungent eggs yes very much so ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiffff....ah yes...and also....a hint of.... 'sniff*....cheese....quite wet my dear...."sniff.. .but of yes...this will do nicely.... "sniff....please my dear....another if you please....nice a big now Oh yes...very good!....very sloppy and wet my dear...hmmmmm...is that a drop of nugget I see on the rim?.. .hmmmm...let me....let me just have a little taste before the sniff my darlinghmmmmm.. .hmm.yes.... hat is a delicate bit of chocolate my dear....ah yes....let me guess...curry for dinner?...oh quite right I am....aren't 1?....ok....time for sniff.... "sssssnnnnnniliiifffff...hmmm.. .hhhmmmmm I see...yes... .yes indeed as well curry.hmmm...that fragrance is quite noticeable....yes...onion and garlic chutney I take it my dear? hmmmmm.-..yes quite...- Oh I was not expecting that...that little gust my dear....you caught me off guard...yes...so gentle it was though...hmmmm... let me taste this little one...just one small sniff.. . . ."sniff ...ah...."ssssssnnnnnniiliffffifffff and yet...so strong...yes...the odor....'sniff sniff*... hmmm....is that... .'sniff .. .hmmm.l can almost taste it my dear....yes....just... "sniff .a little whiff more if you please.... ssssssnnnnnniiliffffff"...ah yes I have it now....yes quite.... hhhhmmmm... delectable my dear.....quite exquisite yes..... dare say... 'sniff..the most pungent one yet my dear....'ssssnnnnniifffffffffffffff"....yes Anonymous 11/16/16(Wed)13:36:17 No.357882345 File: 1479142989368 ipg (36 KB, 391x545) Anonymous 11/16/16(Wed)13:39:08 No.357882596 File: 1479185201413.ipg (22 KB, 600x449) Anonymous 11/16/16(Wed)13:32:39 No. 357882003 File: ipg (94 KB, 459x690) Anonymous 11/16/16(Wed)13:33:37 No. 357882087 File: 1478214396442 png (228 KB, 338x354) 357881944 Anonymous 11/16/16(Wed)13:40:33 No. 357882732 File: WA HELipg (22 KB, 225x255) Anonymous 11/16/16(Wed)13:39:42 No. 357882650 File: 147890 1160426.png (70 KB, 332x300) 367884944 I -Video Games Christ m8 。
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The post mutated into an oft-cited copypasta, going on to appear in other threads on /v/,[4] and also on other 4chan boards, including /tv/, which has even seen threads requesting the pasta be posted.[5] On December 24, 2016, a copy of the post was submitted to r/copypasta.[6]

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