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Kaijiposting refers to a practice of replying to greentexts social media posts with suggestions that the person in the story should have been gambling instead of whatever were doing, paired with images of professional gambler Kaiji Itō, the main character of the Kaiji manga series. The trend saw niche spread on Twitter in 2023, primarily in replies to several popular gimmick accounts.


In the 1996 manga series Kaiji and its 2007 anime adaptation, the main character Kaiji Itō is a high school graduate who becomes a professional variety gambler. The series focuses on his story and his misadventures surrounding gambling.[1]

Starting on February 14th, 2023, Twitter user @AmbroseJSerra started replying with images of Kaiji Itō to 4chan greentexts shared by the gimmick Twitter account @GreenTextRepost, suggesting that the persons in the stories should have gambled instead of what they actually did. The earliest discovered post on Twitter[1] starting this trend was posted by @AmbroseJSerra on February 14th and gained 17 likes (shown below).

, just b Anonymous Greentext Reposter : Anonymous 474 @GreenTextRepost. Feb 14 >told her its a dogshit idea and i hate it >she got really fucking upset and kept trying to convince me >told her ill think about it and tell her tomorrow 62 KB JPG Alright bros should I dump her? She expresses open intent to have sex with someone other than me. Everything thinks about fucking other people Im aware of that but you know what I mean. If I say no she'll fuck another guy behind my back and I refuse to get cucked. Opinions? I dont think this relationship will be healthy from now on, this stupid whore is gonna ruin everything Ambrose @AmbroseJSerra >gf proposed a once-a-year cheat- "coupon" for both of us 1871 11/17/21(Wed)06:05:42 No.66190506 10:36 AM. Feb 14, 2023 · 1,494 Views 30.3K Kick her to the curb and go out and GAMBLE TITL ₁1.5M


In the following weeks, the user continued to reply to @GreenTextRepost, and later to other gimmick accounts on Twitter such as @greentexts_bot and @PicturesFoIder, with images of Kaiji and suggestions to gamble. For example, a Twitter[3] reply made by the user on March 7th, 2023, gained over 410 likes in two months (shown below, left). Another reply,[4] made on March 13th, gained over 810 likes in the same period (shown below, right).

, just b Anonymous Greentext Reposter @GreenTextRepost Mar 7 >my mom left school at 16 due to poverty >never showed much 53 KB JPG in boxes at home >her enthusiasm for reading is so pure I feel bad for not enjoying reading that much these days interest in books, music etc >retired last year >has since been reading through all the books I left >she kept asking me if I was writing a book and said she could "never do that" >picked up the hint and encouraged her to give it a go, without getting my hopes up >tfw she sent me a story she wrote about two rabbits who become friends >tfw it made me cry and feels more honest than anything I've written How to cope with this feel bros? 129 Ambrose @AmbroseJSerra 3,815 GAMBLE to fill the void in your heart 2884 We're all filthy rich! ♡ 70.7K 9:46 PM. Mar 7, 2023 42.7K Views CZTERE I OVE OU! CCC D 1.2M ↑ IN , just b Anonymous Greentext Reposter @GreenTextRepost Mar 13 Anonymous 954 KB PNG I think my coworker is either autistic or the biggest gigachad I've ever encountered him around >Asks him stupid questions >It's obvious that she likes him 319 03/12/23(Sun)21:20:29 No.72549842 >Told me that he stares at walls and random objects when he's bored >Female coworker keeps following >He literally just acts like if she's not even present >See her following him to his car after hours are over >Asks "do you think I'm annoying?" >Audibly shouts "yes" in her face >She almost fucking fell over >Never follows him around anymore and looks sad most of the time now Which do you guys think he is? 8 Replies 1 Image Ambrose @AmbroseJSerra t 1,623 Why work when you can GAMBLE? 2:36 PM Mar 13, 2023 72.8K Views 47.5K View Thread ılı 2.4M ↑

Starting on March 17th, other Twitter users joined in on the trend, replying to @GreenTextRepost and other accounts with images of Kaiji. For example, on March 17th, 2023, Twitter[5] user @UDPNV made a post that gained over 30 retweets and 1,900 likes in two months (shown below, left). On April 13th, 2023, Twitter[6] user @RawRarePlato posted a reply that gained over 430 likes in one month.

just b Anonymous Greentext Reposter @GreenTextRepost - Mar 17 Anonymous 34 KB JPG 193 me on >when I act all amazed when I touch boobs "for the first time", it actually feels more special to me >I love how caring she is and how she takes the lead if she thinks she's deflowering me >when I finish, she cuddles with me and calls me a good boy I've done this with about 20 different hookers now and I can't stop. 1 2,287 udpn// regardez kaiji @UDPNV 03/28/21(Sun)21:07:25 No.62950365 > hire a gambler > Tell him im a gambler > Gamble >hire a hooker >tell her I'm a virgin >not actually a virgin, have had plenty of sex >but when she thinks it's my first time, she's very gentle and sensual, and I get to act nervous and submissive, which really turns 53.7K ₁1.7M ... Greentexts @greentexts_bot. Apr 13 Anon has a plan : Anonymous 21 KB JPG U2/2772U(Thu)16:U5:T2 No.821609U6 >spend about 75% of my savings on it >ff 2 weeks >be me >italian >own a parapharmacy >hear about coronavirus >know italians are dumb and easily scared >buy huge stock of hand sanitizer and face masks >coronavirus arrives in Italy >people are scared >face masks and hand sanitizer are sold out in any store >I am the only one to have huge stocks in warehouse >put sign outside "Here you can find face masks and hand sanitizer" GAURAV @RawRare Plato >jack prices up >people are flooding the shop >everyone is buying them >in less than 2 weeks we sold everything we had in stock MFW in 2 weeks I earned more than I made last year Thank you, Italian ignorance. 36 1203 Gamble paid off 8:44 AM - Apr 13, 2023 5,291 Views ♡ 5,280 112.8K ↑ :

Various Examples

just b Anonymous Greentext Reposter : Anonymous 1.23 MB PNG >it gets in >goes deep >ohfuck.mp4 >later pull it out >hurts @GreenTextRepost - Apr 11 93 >go to piss a couple hours later >internaldickrapeface.png t 185 DO NOT SOUND YOUR PISSHOLE WITH A FUCKING AUX JACK. YOU'LL UNRIFLE THE HOLE AND YOULL PISS IN PAIN. udpn// regardez kaiji @UDPNV >be me >Never horny >Just want to gamble 04/11/23(Tue)00:54:54 No.897391868 >be me >horny as fuck >want to play with dick >find aux jack >iwonder.jpg >stick down dick. >cant at first. >keep trying ♡ 8,018 12:42 PM - Apr 11, 2023 13.5K Views ₁246.1K o, just b Anonymous Greentext Reposter @GreenTextRepost - Mar 22 : Anonymous 350 KB GIF 214 17 Replies / 1 Image >mom comes to vacuum my room >cleans under my table >bumps my external drives on the floor >drives wont mount anymore Ambrose @AmbroseJSerra there goes my 8 terabytes of data that i've saved for 23 years 1 705 02/23/23(Thu)20:27:36 No.91728955 5:19 PM Mar 22, 2023 · 101.5K Views 29.8K 1.2M Why not GAMBLE so you can afford your own place? View Thread ↑, a just be Greentext Reposter @GreenTextRepost - Mar 23 : Anonymous 70 KB PNG 02/28/23(Tue)10:57:10 No.72399414 hospital >family gathered around her deathbed >be me >atheist >never lost an internet debate with a dumb religitard >97 year old great grandmother is dying of cancer >visit her one last time in the >she says "at least I get to be with my husband again" >outrageous >tell her that the concept of heaven and hell are made up fairy tales to keep people in line and that she's going into the ground just like everyone else >she dies 158 >family won't talk to me anymore >not invited to her funeral Christfay and their silly fantasies BTFO'd once again. 1987 ♡ 26.6K Luna'TKOd Mike Tyson'cial @Lunacial >be me >gambler >never lost a gamble with a dumb teiaitard H-L ₁851.7K ↑
Greentexts @greentexts_bot May 3 Anon learns sauna etiquette Anonymous etiquette in the gym sauna? 136 KB JPG immediately left without saying anything. The worker after firmly told me to stay quiet in the sauna. Was what I did really that bad? I thought in the gym everyones becoming friends, after exercising and sweating together. 06/28/21 (Mon)19:33:17 No.62319126 : Anonymous 06/28/21 (Mon)19:34:11 No.62319137 Not starting with >whew, it's like a sauna in here Game was over before it started buddy 76 Girl with a real good body, tits, and butt, was in the sauna. Nearly naked. Closest I ever got to a naked girl. We were sitting sweating for ten minutes. Well I decided to talk to her, and asked where shes from. She >>62319198 # >>62319215 # >>62319287 # >>62319309 # >>62319323 # >>62319554 # >>62319647 # >>62319885 # 1 571 325.3K Ambrose @AmbroseJSerra II GIF ALT Instead of harassing women, you should spend your restless energy playing MAHJONG! 16K 8:19 PM - May 3, 2023 · 32K Views fo : Greentexts @greentexts_bot - Mar 24 Wedding crasher : Anonymous 931 KB PNG 51 Café wedding plans anon?" >"I've never touched a women" >"Uhhhhh" >"it's just never been a priority for me. I live in a totally different world, none of the guys I know have ever had girlfriends either" >conversation continues pretty nicely, no weird vibes I can pick up on Miss-play? Or will they hook me up with their female friends now? 178 @Caf70849917 5 P 03/24/23 (Fri)11:39:28 No.72693878 >talk to girls my age at work during lunch >becomes daily thing to look forward to >they are both engaged and talk about wedding plans >"Hey we've been leaving you out of the conversation, what are your ♡ 3,151 7:13 PM - Mar 24, 2023 11.9K Views ₁126.1K Why worry about getting married when you could GAMBLE instead ↑ non aesthetic things @Pictures FoIder. May 9 wyd in this situation? 18K I'd GAM LE 1 16.9K Ambrose @AmbroseJSerra 7:37 PM . May 9, 2023 74K Views 155.1K ₁28.3M +] :


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