Letting Intrusive Thoughts Win meme example depicting a man experiencing the consequences of letting his intrusive thoughts win.

Letting Intrusive Thoughts Win

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Intrusive Thoughts Won and Letting Intrusive Thoughts Win are catchphrases used to caption memes in which people, usually celebrities, exhibit behavior that breaks social norms. In memes, intrusive thoughts are typically confused with impulsive behavior. Starting in April 2023, a meme subformat in which users imagine the consequences of letting their intrusive thoughts win achieved virality, spreading to multiple sites and platforms over the following months.


The catchphrases "he let intrusive thoughts win" and "she let intrusive thoughts win" first gained prominence on stan Twitter in June 2022 as users captioned videos of K-pop idols and other celebrities exhibiting peculiar behavior alongside the phrases. For example, on June 5th, 2022, Twitter[1] user @hoseoksreally made one of the earliest discovered posts using the phrase to go viral, which received over 2,100 retweets and 12,500 likes in one year (shown below).

isa Y @hoseoksreally i love him cause he lets the intrusive thoughts win hourly vminkook Đis @hourlyvmk. Jun 5, 2022 || GIF 11:16 PM.Jun 5, 2022 정국 ED 9597GIF ⠀


In early July 2022, a video of Corey Lewandowski's 'Womp Womp' interview captioned "Evilmaxxing intrusive thoughts won" went viral on social media (original author unknown, YouTube[2] upload shown below). On July 15th, 2022, TikToker[3] @sbeveboi reposted the meme, with the upload gaining over 1.6 million views and 316,000 likes in one year.

On October 4th, 2022, Twitter[4] user @CrowleyCorvid made a tweet about the meme, writing that others confused intrusive thoughts with impulsive thoughts. The tweet (shown below) received over 15,500 retweets and 98,400 likes in nine months.

Crowley (EMMA DNI) @CrowleyCorvid "Letting my intrusive thoughts win and dying my hair pink" that is an IMPULSIVE thought. If I let my intrusive thoughts win I would be in f------ prison 7:22 PM Oct 4, 2022 Twitter for Android

In late 2022 and early 2023, the phrases maintained their prevalence as commonly used captions. For example, on February 4th, 2023, Hasbulla's parody Twitter[5] account @HasbullaHive captioned a video of one of his friends pretending to toss him out of a car's window with the phrase. The tweet (shown below) received over 23,700 retweets and 181,000 likes in five months.

In April 2023, a parody format in which users imagined the consequences of them succumbing to their intrusive thoughts gained popularity, For example, on April 25th, 2023, the Facebook[6] page Common Anomaly posted an image caption meme that received over 26,000 reactions and 104,000 shares in two months (shown below, left).

Girl on the bus: "I let my intrusive thoughts win and dyed my hair blue." Me if I let my intrusive thoughts win: W Parole Lawyer Side Girl on the bus: "I let my intrusive thoughts win and dyed my hair blue." Me if I let my intrusive thoughts win:

Lunging for the Officer's Gun

Lunging for the Officer's Gun refers to a series of memes about the intrusive thought of making a lunge for a police officer's service weapon, an incident that can possibly end up with the officer retaliating and killing the person instead. Spawned by a viral Snail in My Ear meme in late 2022, the meme achieved significant virality in March 2023.

AN E Steal Officer's Service Weapon TION Evelicious. If I should lunge for that cops gun The Forsaken Today at 8:59 PM I cannot make this s--- up I'm waiting in line at chipotle for food so I open ifunny to this: me sneaking up behind the unsuspecting officer trying to grab his service weapon And I turn around and there's 3 f------ cops behind me

Various Examples

janito @yassnito the intrusive thoughts would've won if that was me idk OS 1:40 PM - Mar 31, 2023 521.6K Views : Everything Out Of Context @EverythingOOC Bros' intrusive thoughts got em on that one. 100 Chuuya @NakaharaC this is the worst f------ movie I've ever seen oh my god 04:53 AM 06 Jun 22- Twitter for Android ill View Tweet activity 22 Dazai @thegirlanachronism-4d Replying to @NakaharaC it's my favorite movie ever now I think we should breed and ask our child what they think Chuuya @NakaharaC-4d what the f--- did you just say to me 5:58 AM. Jul 4, 2023 5.2M Views GIRL ON THE BUS: "I LET MY INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS WIN AND DYED MY HAIR BLUE." ME IF I LET MY INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS WIN: imglip.com
kira → @kirawontmiss bro let his GTA intrusive thoughts win Daily Loud ✔ @DailyLoud - May 31 - Car speeds down highway and catches tow truck ramp flying about 120 feet. The driver survived with serious injuries Lowndes Georgia 1:36 PM . May 31, 2023 · 1.6M Views : Girl on the bus: "I let my intrusive thoughts win and dyed my hair blue." Me if I let my intrusive thoughts win: 000000 WANTED @wantedbythehoes my intrusive thoughts would've told me to stick my finger thinking it's moving slow 3:07 PM · Apr 7, 2023 3.8M Views J Tik Tok @romisamilkate86 :

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