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Lowbie is a slang term used on Twitter that means a low-level mutual with a small follower count. The term was originally used in the early 2000s to define low-level characters in MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft. In the 2020s, its usage on Twitter became more prominent in comparisons to blue check marks, Reply Guys and Niche Internet Micro Celebrities.


On April 30th, 2005, "lowbie" was first added to Urban Dictionary [1] by user DirtyJim who defined it as, "the equivalent of "newbie," someone who sucks at internet gaming, or the internet in general. Used commonly in World Of Warcraft."


In mid-2007, "lowbie" was used on Twitter[2] within WOW circles. In 2010, it was first referenced on Reddit's /wow/[3] subreddit. Also in 2010, the term was used heavily on 4chan [4] in discourse about RPGs.

"Lowbie" Twitter Meaning

On November 20th, 2018, Twitter[5] user BUSSCRO humorously compared the differences between getting made fun of by a Twitter user with 90 followers versus a "25k follower guy" taking his side, ultimately labeling the 90-follower user as a "little lowbie." Over the course of two years, the tweet received over 55 likes (shown below, left). On November 24th, 2018, Twitter[6] user feufillet tweeted, "A lowbie, a big account, and a DSA guy enter a woman's DMs…" In the same time period, the tweet received over 500 likes (shown below, right).

CUSS BROTHER @BUSSCRO clearly [some guy with 90 followers makes fun of me] heh. insignificant. nobody cares what you have to say, little lowbie ●●● [25k follower guy takes his side] whoa, get a load of mister "i became an online bigshot to compensate for sucking irl" here 8:53 PM Nov 20, 2018 Twitter Web Client sexy.funny.cute.pix @feufillet A lowbie, a big account, and a DSA guy enter a woman's DMs. The lowbie says "hey," she ignores him. The big account goes "hello,," she ignores him. The DSA guy says "Your DMs are probably a garbage fire, so: you're a good noodle." She replies "Ty! Then he sends her his c--- || 1:52 PM - Nov 24, 2018 Twitter for Android 3

On October 14th, 2019, Twitter[7] user GarlicCorgi tweeted the "lowbie goblin's chant," earning roughly 1,500 likes in three years (shown below, left). In early 2022, the term trended en masse due to a few viral tweets that referenced the concept. For instance, on March 6th, 2022, Twitter[8] user viperwave compared Paul Dano's The Riddler from The Batman (2022) to a Twitter lowbie, earning roughly 5,700 likes in five months (shown below, right).

Burton Sniff @GarlicCorgi "Checkies, checkies hate them all, checkies bleed and checkies fall, See blue checkie, then I thrust, into red blue checkie's guts!!" -- a lowbie goblin's chant 2:26 PM Oct 14, 2019 Twitter Web App Modern Simpsons Recap Writer @viperwave The Batman was good. Dano plays The Riddler as an autistic lowbie and the last 30 minutes are just the film overstaying its welcome to beg you not to kill elected officials when the sea levels rise. 6:55 AM Mar 6, 2022 Twitter Web App ●

Various Examples

john brandon @dmtvape "sir, the lowbie e-girl only you are following updated her bio to say she's 16 years old." RE MA Сам 11:23 PM Jan 26, 2022 Twitter for iPhone : Stewart Gnuts @slugparts the pain... the pain of being a lowbie...i must...Reply to dril 3:03 PM Dec 13, 2021 · Twitter for Android jenny_tightpants & Joshua ^L_^ @halomancer1 & @Joshua1a2b3c4d me and the random lowbie i sent a cotweet request to 3:24 PM Jul 13, 2022 Twitter for Android . donald boat @laserboat999 drunk girl looking over my shoulder: Who the f--- are you texting ●●● me (frantically swiping out of LOWBIE RACE SCIENCE ANCIENT CIVLIZATIONS CHAT onto weather app): No f------ way... check this out... it's 22 degrees celsius in Belgrade right now 7:31 PM Jun 5, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone

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