Mike Pence and comic character Race Bannon

Mike Pence Is Race Bannon

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Mike Pence Is Race Bannon is a series of Fake History-style image macros featuring screenshots of the cartoon character Race Bannon from the 1960s animated television series Jonny Quest with captions falsely identifying him as a violently homophobic version of United States Vice President Mike Pence. Additionally, the series bears many visual similarities to 60s Spider-Man image macros.


On January 17th, 2014, the Indianapolis, Indiana news sites Nuvo[2] posted a picture of Pence next to a screen capture of Bannon titled "Breaking news: Mike Pence is still Race Bannon" (shown below).


On July 16th, 2016, YouTuber Family Man uploaded a video titled "VP Mike Pence is Race Bannon," featuring footage of the cartoon character spliced in with Pence's introduction at a Trump rally in Westfield, Indiana (shown below).

That day, a photoshop of Bannon edited with a Pence-themed "Make America Great Again" logo reached the frontpage of /r/TheDonald,[5] gathering upwards of 2,700 points (76% upvoted) and 160 comments prior to being archived (shown below, left). On July 31st, 2016, Redditor MakeCaliGreatAgain uploaded an image of Pence and Bannon with the caption “Donald Trump Will Make Anime Real“ to /r/The_Donald[4] (shown below, right).


On February 27th, 2017, Redditor Fedora_Youth uploaded a Fake History image macro of Bannon holding two children on a beach with the caption "Mike Pence breaking up gay marriage of refugee and US Citizen" to /r/dankmemes[3] (shown below, left). Within four days, the post gained over 26,200 points (85% upvoted) and 240 comments. In the coming days, many similar image macros reached the front page of /r/dankmemes, depicting Bannon as a violently homophobic version of Mike Pence (shown below, middle, right).

Mike Pence breaking up gay marriage of refugee and US Citizen (1980, Calorized) Mike Pence, moments before opening fire on an orlando gay nightclub and fabricating evidence pinning it on a muslim (2016, colorized) When the gay guy wants to go down on you, but you have an electric shocker glued to your d---

Meanwhile, several posts urging viewers to invest in "Mike Pence memes" reached the front page of /r/MemeEconomy.[7][8][9] On March 1st, the @rMemeEconomy[6] Twitter feed posted a collection of Pence as Race Bannon image macros, noting that the memes were "surging" and advised investing due to their "limited normie appeal" (shown below).

Meme Economy @rMemeEconomy 2h Mike Pence/Jonny Quest memes surging! Pretty edgy, limited normie appeal, invest as you like! Mike Pence and Barron Trump taking a scumbag refugee back to Syria ice-President Pence right about to destroy two omoaexual childs and their massive a--- plug 964, somi-eolorized, then colorized the other ha ar iater Mike Pence luring some gays out for electro shock reprogramming

Various Examples

"Vice President Pence, slow down or you'll crash this bus into that power plant, setting off a chain reaction that will moderately electrocute the nearby gay pride parade!" ME: COME OVER MIKE PENCE: I CAN'TI'M IN A MEETING WITH THE PRESIDENT ME: SOME HOMOSEXUALS JUST KISSED IN FRONT OF ME Nah, it's cool Hadji, Mike Pence is busy watching Fox News right now Mike Pence luring some gays out for electro shock reprogramming Mike Pence rediscovers Homosexuality (2017, Color Enhanced) Vice President Pence, is that a gay pride banner on that tower?

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The fact that the character who looks like Mike Pence is named Race Bannon, when wow-I-can't-believe-it's-not-Nazi Steve Bannon is in the white house is some kind of twisted divine intervention. This meme has clearly been blessed by the Lord.


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