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Make Anime Real

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"Make Anime Real" is an expression used in tongue-in-cheek endorsements of political candidates, indicating they will magically transform anime characters into real life people if elected to office.


In September 2012, the restinpower Tumblr[1] blog posted a photoshopped composite image of Ron Paul, an anime character and a cosplayer with the caption "Ron Paul / Will Make Anime Real" (shown below). Over the next four years, the post gained over 9,200 notes.

RON PAUL Will Make Anime Real Ron Paul REVOJUTION*Vote for Ron Paul 2012 akk


On July 29th, 2015, FunnyJunk[4] user strokemysolidsnake submitted a photoshopped image of Donald Trump with various anime characters in front of an American flag with the caption "Donald Trump / Will Make Anime Real" (shown below, left). On August 12th, the Barnie Sandlers Facebook page posted an image macro featuring a woman wearing anime-style makeup with the caption "I am the only candidate who promises to make anime real" (shown below, right).

DONALD TRUMP WILL MAKE ANIME REAL Barnie 2016 I am the only candidate who promises to make anime real. BARNIESANDLERS.COM

On August 29th, a[7] petition titled "Make Anime Real" was launched. On September 4th, YouTuber Craig has Dysentery uploaded a YouTube poop video featuring interview footage of Trump titled "Donald Trump Declares War on Anime" (shown below).

On October 2nd, Redditor Tea-Party-Warrior submitted an image macro of Bernie Sanders with the "make anime real" caption to the /r/justneckbeardthings[5] subreddit, where it received more than 770 votes (90% upvoted) in three months.


On January 17th, 2016, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a thread to the /pol/[6] (politics) board titled "Based Donald Will Make Anime Real" (shown below). That day, Redditor CarterRobinson submitted a post asking about image macros of Trump with the caption "make anime real" to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[3]

Based Donald Will Make Anime REAL Anonymous (ID: UROD) 01/17/16(Sun)07:15:44 No.61244516 "I will build a Weeb's Paradise in these United States" Donald Trump 261244600 261246358 a--.6VifIY [Embed Are you ready /pol/ >>O Anonymous (ID: LPCCaQ4v)雪01/17/16(Sun)07:16:35 №61244545+2-61244624 op is a f----- >> O Anonymous (ID: ERO)001/17/16(Sun)07:17:52 No.61244600 ZBr >Cruz dies Accurate

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