Mr. Caffeine / Doodly Doodly Doop

Mr. Caffeine / Doodly Doodly Doop

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Mr. Caffeine is a stage name used by pitchman Aaron Priceman[1] who hosted Ubisoft's press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2011. During the presentation, his attempts at humor were generally met with uncomfortable silence from the audience, as well as negative reviews from most gaming publications and the internet community at large. On the Internet, Priceman soon became associated with the phrase "Doodly Doodly Doop," which he uttered repeatedly during the presentation to mimic the sound effect of "time traveling."


On June 6th, 2011, French videogame publisher Ubisoft held a special press conference in commemoration of the company's 25th anniversary, which featured a series of videos depicting what current Ubisoft franchises would have looked like had they been produced 25 years ago. Throughout the screening portion of the event, the host Mr. Caffeine prefaced each video with his best approximation of a flashback sound effect coupled with a special hand gesture to imitate what he perceived to be the sound of a time machine. This sound effect is commonly referred to as "doodly doodly doop"[5] which may have been a vague reference to the flashback sound "diddly-doot" originally heard in the 1992 comedy film Wayne's World[12]:

The rest of Mr. Caffeine's act was filled with other hilariously bad lines like, "and this absolutely epic fail right here. Yikes!," "Poop on your toothpaste," "Yes, I'm not afraid of a few dick jokes," and frequent mispronounciations of Tom Clancy's name as "Tom Cuh-lancy".


Following the live webcast of the press conference, Mr. Caffeine’s strange antics and pronunciation flubs travelled across the blogosphere, reaching game review sites like Escapist Magazine[2], IGN[3] and GamesAbyss[4], who considered the presentation to be one of the worst parts of the conference. Several threads were created complaining about his presentation on forums like GiantBomb[5], Team XBOX[6] and GameTrailers.[7]

On YouTube, remixes and parodies of Mr. Caffeine and “doodly doodly doop” hand motion began surfacing the same day of Ubisoft’s E3 presentation. Some of the notable remixes include the YTP Insane Edition, Sparta remixes and Metal remixes, which were later featured on internet humor blogs Halolz[10], FunnyJunk[11] and Game Set Watch.[14]


In anticipation of E3 2012, many gaming sites including Shadowlocked[15], Screw Attack[16] and VGutopia[17] listed Mr. Caffeine as something they did not want to see at the conference. Several gaming forums including Giant Bomb[18], NeoGAF[19] and the Nintendo 3DS Forums[20] all named Mr. Caffeine as one of the worst moments of previous E3s.

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